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Weitere Testimonials über die Arbeit mit den Dozenten/innen in Englisch

“The Schott Acting Studio offers very good quality workshops, with teachers coming from different countries and with varied acting techniques. I have participated in a few of these workshops and it has helped me a lot in my understanding of acting and gave me the opportunity to learn many techniques, to practice with motivated partners and to receive tips from great teachers. I highly recommend this Studio to any actors and actresses, whether they are professionals or amateurs and would add to that, that it is a great chance to have the possibility to act in English, something that is difficult to find elsewhere in Berlin.” – Nagisa Morimoto
“​I first met Sheila at her workshop in Berlin-organized really well by the Matthias Schott Acting Studio and held at the wonderful Eden Studios. During that time I saw that Sheila ​really ​knows how to empower you as an individual so that you can grow as an artist. Anything that you may consider as a flaw​,​ or an obstacle within yourself​,​ that ​might prevent you from reaching your true potential as an actor​​​ ​Sheila teaches you how to make it a strength and reverse​s​ the situation​. She brings a lot of fun and sweetness to the process, but will never compromise ​in telling you ​when you haven’t worked ​hard ​enough!” – Zineb Triki; ‘Les grands esprits’, ‘De toutes mes forces’, ‘Le Bureau des Légendes’, ’14h05′ ‘The Frozen Dead’
“I had the good luck to get to know and work with Sheila first in 2017, and immediately was taken by her inspiring personality, her immensely wide experience, her knowledge of the industry, the vitality with which she enlightens the workspace and her playfulness; she loves what she does and she loves actors, she is encouraging and if needed pushing but always with empathy. To work with Sheila is freeing and intensifying your work, giving a deeper insight to your acting. I highly recommend her workshops. And besides: it’s fun!” – Hildegard Schroedter; u.a. „Babylon Berlin“
Ron is not just an acting teacher. He understands the human condition and helps you understand it and put it into action in your acting…”Sebastian Eslava; „Narcos – Netflix“ (The Bogota Post)
“Craft allows you for the potential to have a long career. Ron Burrus lays the foundation for what that craft will be. That is the truth.” – Actor/Producer Arjun Gupta; „Nurse Jackie“, „How To Get Away With Murder“
Dee saw through my exterior and broke it down and found my vulnerability and tenderness. For that I am forever in her debt. I’m certain the vulnerability she managed to pry out of me, is the reason I’ve managed to get the roles I’ve gotten so far“ – Cynthia Erivo („Widows“, „Harriet“, „Genius“)
“Schott Acting Studio is the one Acting Studio in Europe that offers workshops and masterclasses with iconic teachers from all over the world. One year ago I took my first workshop organized by Schott Acting Studio and it helped me a lot to pursue my dream to move to the states and establish contacts for working internationally as an actor. After I finished drama school in Germany I was hungry for more and I still feel lucky to have taken several workshops in Berlin organized by Matthias Schott. These workshops and the wonderful teachers, colleagues and artists I met there had a huge impact on my journey which now led me to studying at the Actors Studio in New York. I’ll forever be grateful for these immensely inspiring and nurturing workshop experiences and the doors that opened themselves because of them. Thank you Matthias! ” – Janina Picard

“​I can’t recommend Schott Acting Studio and the artists Matthias brings in highly enough. He is seeking out and bringing to actors some of the last and most important luminaries in American Acting as well as those whose dedication to the art of acting is unparalleled.“

„I’ve participated in two workshops with the Schott Acting Studio and it’s been a valuable investment in myself and my acting. The acting teachers that I am being exposed to are world class, for this alone moving to Berlin was worth it. I’m looking forward to the next one!” – Facebook Reviews

I took Matthias‘ workshop as a beginner. It was one of my first acting experiences. Although I had a hard time openning up in the beginning, his sensitive individual care helped me overcome my fears and blockages. By the end of the week, not only did I perform like I had never imagined I could, but also learned a lot about myself and my abilities and strengths. I would recommend Matthias‘ workshops to anyone who wants to improve their acting by taking a deep look into their soul and grow out of self reflection. I will definitely continue to participate in Matthias‘ courses. He is a very inspiring and wonderful human being.” – Rebecca Veil (Susan Batson Technik & Schauspiel Intensiv)
„The foundation acting course with Matthias is fantastic. It was engaging and exciting. Every exercise opened something new up and allowed us to step beyond ourselves and our habits and into a more honest place from which we could perform.” Helena Palsson
I took a 3 week intensive course and it exceeded my expectations! Matthias is a very humble and talented teacher who pushes you to go outside of your comfort zone. I highly recommend Schott Acting Studio for anyone who’s curious and wants to have a great time. This is very suitable for beginners or intermediates or for anyone who wants to have some fun! – Facebook Reviews/Recommendations
„Mir hat es großes Vergnügen gemacht, mit ihm zu arbeiten.
Matthias Schott ist ein eigenwilliger Schauspieler. Er denkt nach, hinterfragt, sucht nach Kontexten; immer auf der Suche nach einem persönlichen Ausdruck. Er ist ein Schauspieler, der nicht um jeden Preis gefallen will. Er will in erster Linie von der Sache, die er tut bewegt sein, nicht von sich selbst. Er achtet seine Partner, tritt mit ihnen in Dialog und sucht gemeinsam mit ihnen nach szenischen Zuspitzungen und Verdichtungen. Er ist kein Alleskönner und will keiner sein, er verwandelt sich und erfindet Figuren, ohne sie von sich selbst zu entkoppeln.
In unserer Arbeit zeigte er ein Talent tragischkomische und groteske menschliche Existenzen darzustellen, weil seine Anschauungen der Welt auch eine kluge und humorvolle ist, ohne zynisch zu sein.“
– Thomas Dannemann; Regisseur
(Schaubühne Berlin; Deutsches Theater Berlin, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Schauspielhaus Köln)
Working with Sheila Gray has given me more confidence in my work than I’ve ever had before. She’s helped me thoroughly develop and understand my characters, taught me techniques I rely on tremendously, and with her help I truly feel that I have learned so much about myself as an actor. We are only a year into working together, but I now feel that I don’t know what I’d do without her! She is an amazing, honest, meticulous, and supportive acting coach, and a wonderful person. Lily-Rose Depp („La danseuse“, „The King“)

Weitere Testimonials über die Arbeit mit den einzelnen Dozenten/innen in Englisch

“Der Workshop war sehr bereichernd für mich. Die Technik (Character Analysis & Movement Psychology) ist sehr vielschichtig und man kann sich immer wieder davon inspirieren lassen. James Kemp als Pädagoge habe ich sehr gemocht. Klarheit, Kraft und Humor. Seine Aufteilung, wie er Theorie und Praxis miteinander verbindet, ist sehr präzise und effektiv.” – Rasmus Dahlstedte (Über die Arbeit mit James Kemp, April 2014 in Berlin)
“From his rich experience and his exceptional personality, Ron Burrus has taught us many things about acting but also about how to live as an actor or simply as a human being. Ron showed us how we could improve our acting skills through a daily life work and a different way of living. His training was very concrete and led us on every steps of our work ; from how to work on a character and on a script, to how to understand and act a scene. 
If you participate in this workshop, you will need a sharp pen and a thick notebook because you won’t want to miss any of his tips!” – Nagisa Morimoto (Über Stella Adler mit Ron Burrus, Los Angeles)
„I did the workshop with Seamus last year in October in Berlin and I’m really happy with the results. As a german actress, it’s important for me to have an English showreel because I want to work internationally. Seamus is really encouraging and helped me a lot with overcoming my inner barriers. He always will be a person I would ask for help when I’m lost in my work.“ – Eva Maria Jost
Paul ist ein wundervoller Lehrer. Er hat einen sensiblen und ehrlichen Blick. Er bleibt immer neugierig und unvoreingenommen. Er geht zusammen mit dir auf die Reise und gibt dir immer wieder aufs Neue Impulse, die dich herausfordern und deine Fantasie antreiben…” – Marc Rissmann; u.a. „The Last Kingdom – Netflix“
“Paul Miller schafft eine Atmosphäre des Vertrauens und der Ausgelassenheit. Mit seiner sehr kreativen und druckfreien Arbeitsweise erreichte er jeden Kursteilnehmer und so erreichten wir alle unsere kleinen bis grossen Ziele am Ende des Kurses. Seine Arbeit mit Tieren ist sehr inspirierend für die eigene Rollenarbeit. Besonders hervorzuheben ist, dass Paul Miller mit seiner Arbeitsweise jedem seine ungeteilte Aufmerksamkeit schenkt und ihn in der Suche nach seinen individuellen Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten sehr konzentriert begleitet.” – Sascha Ö. Soydan; u.a. „Vergesst mich nicht“
“The Susan Batson Technique workshop was very enlightening. The two day class brings forward new methods of approaching a text that are definitely great to have in your toolbelt! Matthias Schott does a wonderful job teaching what can be a rigorous and complex technique in a clear and simple way. The workshop allows you to expand your repertoire of techniques or to simply enjoy yourself if you are a beginner. The exercises he assigned us really allowed me to free up, the prep made me connect to the work in a profound way and reach a new emotional peak. There was one monologue exercise in particular in which we used sensory memory that left me completely stunned at how effective the technique is and opened up a level of truth within myself I had not before been able to attain. It was a very entertaining and inspiring weekend!” – Gabrielle (Susan Batson Technique Workshop, 2017)
Lena Lessing in der Arbeit kennen zu lernen war ne Wucht! Ein grosser Zugewinn für mich. Das hab ich Dir zu verdanken.” – Andreas Wellano
“Du kannst Dinge immer so gut ausdrücken, die ich als Schauspieler gar nicht so bennen könnte – ich hätte das was ich fühle gar nicht in so klare Worte fassen können.” – Anonym (Susan Batson Training, Matthias Schott)
“Das was ihr anbietet hat mir in Berlin gefehlt, eine absolute Bereicherung.” – Feedback von Schauspieler – Über das Studio
“Danke für deine profesionelle und humorvolle Art. Du hast einen hohen Anspruch und bleibst dabei voller Selbsironie. Selten habe ich jemanden erlebt, der so intensiv ist in seiner Konzentration und wertschätzend ist. Bereichernd. Dankbar jemand zu finden, der tiefer guckt und einen auffordert Hintergründe selbst zu erforschen. Denke ist dem zu Schulden, dass du selbst Schauspieler warst und mehr an eigenen Lösungen des Schauspielers interessiert bist.” – Schauspielerin, Susan Batson Training
“Und vor allem schätze ich die regelmässig Trainings sehr (mit Lena Lessing und Matthias Schott); wenn man je mit Leuten wie Susan Batson und Larry Moss gearbeitet hat, weiss man, wie wichtig und unerlässlich es ist, regelmässig an der Arbeit dran zu bleiben, sich kontinuierlich dieser Art von grossartiger, fordernder und belebender Art von Schauspielarbeit zu stellen…Matthias hat mich auch schon beim Erarbeiten konkreter Rollen/Szenen begleitet, was mir ebenfalls eine grosse Unterstützung und Bereicherung war; er hat einen sehr guten Blick und ein sehr feines Gespür für die grossen, grundlegenden Dinge und Zusammenhänge sowie für feine Details und immer für die Wahrheit, den organischen, stimmigen Ausdruck auf jeder Ebene. Dies kann er einem auch auf sehr verständliche Weise vermitteln. Ich kann sowohl die regelmässige Arbeit mit Lena und Matthias sowie die vom Schott-Acting Studio angebotenen Workshops jedem Schauspieler, der das Bedürfins hat und gewillt ist, an seinem Instrument regelmäßig zu arbeiten, aus vollstem Herzen empfehlen!” – Feedback auf Yelp
„Sein Blick Matthias Schott sowohl in inszenatorischer, wie auch gestalterischer Hinsicht, ist sehr genau, von hohem inhaltlichen Anspruch und einer erstaunlichen Tiefe.“ – Pamela Knaack; Schauspielerin
(Hamburger Schauspielhaus; Hamburger Kammerspiele, u.v.m.)
Matthias Schott ist ein hervorragender Beobachter. Das Spiel des Schauspielers schafft er klar und genau zu spiegeln.“ – Eray Egilmez
(u.a.Berliner Ensemble; Blue Man Group Berlin; Die LottoKönige; Umah-Unter Freunden; 5 Jahre Leben)
„Paul is able to create an orchestra full of different elements – everybody is important – exploiting qualities of each actor. He offers his experience with enthusiasm, humility and patience. It’s wonderful how he feels what the group needs. In a week we have staged a great show. Everything starts with small things. No claims, just energy, will and passion inside a master.“ – Giulia Bocciero (Über Paul Miller)

„Thank you very much once again for arranging everything; it was an amazing experience.“ – Nina Van Rompaey

„So much positive impression; I still have to sort out how to put it in words.“ – Daniela Baresch
Feedback zu „Movement Psychology Programme“- Part 1 ( 23.-29. Januar 2012 )
mit Christopher Fettes, Liana Nyquist und Paul Miller

“I recently attended an Animal Work Intensive workshop with Paul Miller at the Schott Acting Studio. (The studio had been recommended by an acting professional in London.) I am glad that I chose to attend, as the experience was a very positive one. I appreciated being sent pre-workshop assignments and readings with which to prepare for the experience. I thought the instructor did a great job of creating a comfortable environment in which to explore the technique. He was passionate about the work and quite willing to come early/stay late for anyone who wished to have additional time to work on the technique. The group was made up of talented participants with a range of experience, and I felt I learned a great deal just from observing their work. The space was well-suited for the program, and it was great to have an option to stay on site. I plan to return to the studio for additional offerings.” – Feedback auf Yelp