ACT – Recharge Your Actor mit Lena Lessing

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In Person Seminar mit Lena Lessing


This session is about recharging your actor. Maybe lately, you as an actor are faltering, losing steam, feeling your limits tested. We go through our acting tool box and freshen up what might have gotten rusty. Who is this character? Where does the scene take place? When is this happening? What’s happening? Why? How does that connect to me? Let´s recharge our passion for the art of acting.


When we take time to nurture our actor, we are creating a sense of wholeness, of feeling complete, more true. This can lead to feeling more confident and more capable of creating a character in a film or a play. Why do I want to play that part? What do I want to express? How does it relate to me? We examine the process of personalization of characters and substitution of events in a play or script and how that can nurture our acting.


This session is about acknowledging where you are at with your actor and where you want to go. We break up a scene into beats and actions, using the Susan Batson Method. We find juicy verbs to inspire our actions and thereby discover the core of the character we are creating. It is concrete and playful at the same time. By acknowledging our actor we pay attention to who we are. Where attention goes, energy flows. And that of course can have a beautiful ripple effect, beyond ourselves. 

Termin: Samstage 14. & Sonntag 15. Mai, 2022
Zeiten: 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr
Ort: In Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Limitiert auf 10 – Profis und praxiserfahrene junge Talente (Theater/Film/Tv)
Normale Gebühr: 465 Euro inkl. MwSt.
Frühbuchergebühr bis 28. April:
375 Euro inkl. MwSt.

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