Nikolaus Deutsch

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Max-Reinhardt-Schule BerlinMonologarbeit Vorbereitung Vorsprechen

Otto Falckenberg Schule München

Actors Studio NY (Member)

Lehrer: Susan Batson, Geraldine Baron, Dominic De Fazio, Sandra Seacat, Frank Corsado, Vivian Nathan, Ellen Burstyn


Theater: Bremen Städtische Bühnen (Regie: Peter Palitzsch), Stuttgarter Staatstheater (Regie: Günther Lüders, Benno Besson), Schaubühne Hallisches Ufer (Regie: Jaques Rosner, F.Patric Steckel), Freie Volksbühne Berlin (Regie: Erwin Piscator), Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz (Regie: Peter Stein u.a. Drei Schwestern, Klaus M. Grüber) und Actors Studio NY (Regie: Susan Batson, Selam Ludwig, Frank Corsaro)

Film und TV Produktionen: u.a. mit Regisseuren wie Stanley Kubrik, Peter Lilienthal, Rudolph Thome, Christian Ziewer, Peter Stein, Robert Van Ackeren, Helke Sander, Uwe Schrader, Liliana Cavani

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Italiensich und Französisch

Aufgrund eines Lehrauftrages von Nikolaus Deutsch in Indien übernimmt die Klasse ab 15. Januar 2016 Eva Diamantstein!

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My artist Name Nikolaus Deutsch. German, seventy years old, an actor, playwrite, coach and trainer for the theater.

I prefer to work on stage. But nevertheless I acted in more than 30 TV productions and movies.

After my initial education I was employed in state theater companies. My first important mentor was the well known director Erwin Piscator. From the foundation of the Schaubühne Theater in West Berlin, I worked with this company throughout its whole spectacular history. We toured in many European cities, like: London, Paris, Vienna, Zurich and others.

To improve my craft, I organized lectures and workshops with teachers from the Actors Studio New York and I became a life member of this institute of excellence. While working there I gained considerable experience of the Strasberg-Stanislawski tradition.

While lecturing at a film acting school in Berlin, I understood two things. One: young and new actors want to be well prepared and in good shape to meet the challenge of the market. That may seduce the students to concentrate on superficial appearance and quick results. That is absolutely professional and acceptable. But there is another side to this. Namely, we are artists, but our métier is not always art. Yet, I believe we are all related to heritage, where our craft has its origins. This is true in every culture.

Craft can tell us how to deal with a text, or characters given situation, how to be believable in playing a part, how to understand the dimension of truth in it. I tell and inform the young actors how to use craft to become their own creator, to have something to offer and be prepared to meet contemporary demands.


Schauspieltraining Berlin:

Nikolaus Deutsch leitet zu dem die freie Monolograbeitsklasse jeden Freitag von 11:00 bis 15:00 Uhr