Kamera Schauspiel Workshop

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Kameraschauspiel Workshop mit Eric Reis

Level I & II (In-Person/Berlin)

Eric Reis is an acting coach who’s been helping actors elevate their careers for the past 10 years. His approach is simple: he believes that being a great actor is good, but being a working actor is better – and, as many talented actors who struggle to find employment know, one does not always translate into the other.

The essence of the problem is that traditional acting training focuses on the actor’s ability to take the words on the page and transform them into a character with a rich and deep emotional life. All of which are extremely important. But without a clear understanding of how to apply those skills to the specific requirements of working in front of the camera, ultimately ineffective.

That’s because a film is a sequence of events that tells a story, so the actor needs to look at scripts through the objectivity of events, not the subjectivity of feelings. In this 2-day workshop, Eric will walk you through how to decode scripts for film and television and how to best craft them in front of the camera.

About Eric:

Eric’s students work in leading and supporting roles in both studio films and television series in major networks, including HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney, AMC, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, TNT, CW, USA, Showtime, Cinemax, and Comedy Central, in addition to leading roles in the Broadway productions of Mean Girls, A Bronx Tale, and many others. They have received the Screen Actor’s Guild Award, the Drama Desk and Lucille Lortel Awards, in addition to Drama League and Teen Choice Awards nominations. He has served as the on-set acting coach for several high-profile projects, and teaches on-camera acting classes online, in the US and in Europe. You can learn more about his work and view actor testimonials by visiting his website, www.ericreis.eu

„I always make it a point to work with Eric. I greatly trust his eye for what works on camera and know that I’ll feel better when I’ve had the chance to get his feedback. I’d highly recommend him to any actor looking to make the most out of their Film/Tv auditions.“Matt McGorry (Screen Actors Guild Award Winner. Selection of Credits Television: How to Get Away with Murder, Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girls)
If you are looking for a workshop to improve your skills in on-camera acting, Eric Reis is the one to go to.
Working with him gave my acting career a boost. I book bigger roles in tv series and my work on set is at ease and in flow. Making self tapes is so much more fun and effective as well. Eric has deep knowledge and eye for what works on camera and what doesn’t. He makes it so simple, it completely shifted my look on it. He shares his knowledge about storytelling and how you can create the story in the frame with your instinct and authenticity. You are being filmed in the workshop; you see your work back on screen and that is so valuable. And last but not least, Eric is such a gentle, inspiring, respectful teacher. He really cares about you. Don’t miss this opportunity!!!”Elisa Van Riessen
„Eric’s classes are like no other acting class! – He teaches you the way to truly create a story with pictures! You learn to be completely present, in the moment and to trust yourself. You learn to decode scripts and become empowered to become alive and  human in your work, and not just a performer. You are learning how to truly make your film scene authentic, powerful and connected! – If you want to land work, you need this class!“Glaceia Henderson

Ort: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Termin Level I (In-Person): 11./12. Mai 2023
Termin Level II (In-Person): 13./14. Mai 2023 (Voraussetzung Teilnahme Level I)
Zeiten: 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr | 2 Tage
Spezielles Angebot Level I & II: 665 Euro inkl. MwSt. 19%
Normale Gebühr: 405 Euro inkl. MwSt. 19% (2 Tage)
Frühbucher: 365 Euro inkl. MwSt. 19% (2Tage | Level I oder II)
Begrenzt auf  16 Schauspieler*innen
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Dieser Workshop richtet sich an professionelle Schauspieler*innen. Erfahrung vor der Kamera ist nicht erforderlich,
aber die Teilnahme ist auf Schauspieler*innen mit vorheriger Ausbildung oder Erfahrung beschränkt.
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Förderung: GVL (30%) | (Level: Erfahrene Schauspieler & Junge Talente)
5% Reduktion: Ich bin bei einer der folgenden Organisationen Mitglied und kann dies auch nachweisen
(BFFS, Interessenverband Deutscher Schauspieler e.V., Verdi, Ensemble Netzwerk, SBKV – Schweizer Bühnenkünstler Verband, VÖFS – Verband österreichischer SchauspielerInnen, SSFV – Filmschauspieler, ACT – Berufsverband der Freien Theaterschaffenden, BFDK – Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste, Bundesverband Regie, ADA – Österreichischer Regieverband, Verband Filmregie Österreich Verband Deutscher Drehbuchautoren e.V., Verband für Film – und Fernsehdramaturgie e.V., Drehbuchverband Austria, Verband Österreichischer Film-Autoren (VÖFA), Interessenverband Synchronschauspieler e.V., Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik e.V.)


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