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Für alle Vorträge (Lecture mit Q & A) ist die Teilnahme kostenfrei, aber die Plätze limitiert. Für Schauspieler, werdende Schauspieler, Regisseure, Autoren, Agenten, Casting Agenten, Filmcoaches, sowie alle Theater- und Filmschaffenden. Ihr habt Interesse und möchtet eingeladen werden, bitte eine kurze Email an uns kontakt@schott-acting-studio.de schreiben.

Unsere Gästeliste ist imitiert auf 15 Teilnehmer.

Events/Lecture/ Gespräche über Schauspiel/Film/Filmcoaching 2018:

Nächste Event mit Q & A


Workshop mit Dee Cannon


Recognised for her teaching method with clients including Mickey Rourke, Laura Dern, Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Jessica Lange, Andrew Garfield and Isabella Rossellini, acting coach Sandra Seacat shares her insights into acting, how to perform succesfully and bring life to your characters.

Workshop mit Sandra Seacat

Hollywood Reporter Article: Laura Dern & Sandra Seacat von Chris Gardner


Bekannt für ihre Arbeit bei Serien wie „Sex and the City“, „The Sopranos“ unter vielen anderen, wird Sheila Gray einen 5-Tages Workshop in Berlin unterrichten.

“I have been recommending Sheila Gray to actors for years! Even the most confident, skillful actors benefit tremendously from working with her. Sheila is the “go – to” for actors needing to prepare for film, television and theatre auditions and roles.”– Todd Thaler (Casting Director: Luc Besson´s „The Professional“)






Januar: RON BURRUS (Stella Adler Master Teacher)

Film/Tv Schauspiel

Ron Burrus wurde von Stella Adler selbst für den Unterricht ihrer Technik ausgebildet und lehrte für 10 Jahre an ihrer Seite, bevor er sein eigenes Studio in Los Angeles eröffnete. Fünfundzwanzig Jahre später kehrte Ron Burrus nach New York als Lehrer zurück und sein Studio und das Stella Adler Studio, NYC fusionierten für die Gründung des Art of Acting Studios in Los Angeles. Er ist bekannt als der größte Vertreter von Stella Adlers Arbeit. Nur für Teilnehmer des Camera Acting Workshops mit Ron Burrus.

Lectures 2017:

Oktober: DEE CANNON (Acting Coach/ Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)

Thema: Film/TV Schauspiel – Creating A Character

Dee Cannon ist eine der renomiertesten Schauspiellehrerinnen und Coaches. Sie unterrichtete über 17 Jahre an der Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art – RADA und hat als Regisseurin über 30 Stücke inszeniert. Dee Cannons Ansatz basiert auf Stanislawski. Sie focusiert sich darauf den Schauspieler dahin zu führen, dass er sich mit Text und Charakter verbindet. Ehemalige Studenten und Schauspieler, mit denen sie arbeitet/gearbeitet hat: Tom Hiddlestone, Maxine Peake, Ben Whishaw, Jon Voight, James McArdle, Billie Piper, Jason Momoa und James Norton.

Best Acting Coaches














Lassen Sie sich von Regisseur und Schauspielcoach Seamus McNally inspirieren, der mit Schauspielern in TV-Shows wie „Orange is the New Black“, „Roots“, „Vinyl“ und „Black Mirror“ arbeitet. Begleiten Sie ihn, wie er mit Schauspielern eine Szene erforscht und analysiert.


für Führungskräfte, Produzenten, Selbstständige, Start-Up Gründer, Schauspieler, Regisseure und leitende Angestellte aus der Kreativbranche


The secrets of personal impact unlocked

Professor Ken Rea

Whether you’re negotiating with clients, pitching an idea, chairing a meeting, or delivering a keynote speech, Ken will show you some of the practical tools to step up to the next level.

This interactive talk draws on both the secret techniques that professional actors use to keep their audiences enthralled, and powerful tools that will make you stand out in the business world. Ken not only understands how to inspire audiences – he can help you make your speeches and presentations persuasive, memorable and inspiring.

You will learn how to use positive body language, strengthen your voice, project confidence and natural authority, enhance your personal presence, and understand the secrets of delivering corporate stories, quickly and effectively.

Ken Rea

Throughout Europe, Professor Ken Rea has made a striking difference to more than 2,000 leaders in business and industry, right up to CEO level. Organisations include: BBC, BT, IBM, KLM, Lloyds of London, Macquarie, Metropolitan Police, Moët Hennessy, Morgan Stanley, Nationwide, NATO, NatWest, Nokia, Orange, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury’s.

Starting out in advertising, making TV commercials in New Zealand, he later turned to theatre, as an actor, director and teacher. Alongside his corporate work, he is Professor of Theatre at the renowned Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where he has trained some of Britain’s leading actors and film stars, including Ewan McGregor, Damian Lewis, Michelle Dockery, Orlando Bloom and Daniel Craig. He has also chaired numerous European conferences. As a public speaker, Ken has given many large-scale presentations in the worlds of business, education and the arts, sometimes to audiences of over a thousand.

„Ken understands that acting, storytelling is „shared experience“, an „act of generosity“ something communicated with warmth and openness…It´s a privilege to be one of the storytellers, to be one of those able to provoke, challenge, incite, educate and entertain an audience with the force of your narrative. And so with storytelling comes great responsibility…Because at the moment of true conviction, true commitment, the moment when the actor truly shares their story in an open and generous way is the moment that he or she has the best chance of being great …“ – Damian Lewis
(Foreword of Ken Rea´s book „The Outstanding Actor“) – WORKSHOP für Schauspieler mit Ken Rea


Über die Arbeit des Schauspielers, Filmcoaching und Einblicke wie die amerikanische Film/TV – Industrie funktioniert, im speziellen NY & LA.

Sheila Gray ist bekannt für ihr Coaching von Schauspielern aus Serien wie „The Get Down“, „Boardwalk Empire“, „Sex and the City“, „The Sopranos“ und viele mehr.

“Sheila Gray is one of the best acting teachers and coaches working today. I always know when I send someone to her that not only will they have a great time, they will come out a better actor.” – Ellen Chenoweth ; Casting Director/ The Bridges of Madison County, No Country for Old Man, Meet the Parents



Yat MalmgrenJames Kemp war Schauspiellehrer am Drama Centre in London; dort zählten Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy und Emilia Clarke zu seinen Studenten. Er unterrichtet Schauspiel und Regie an der LAMDA, London.



Camera Acting Berlin

New York City-based acting coach Seamus McNally has been working with lead talent on celebrated TV shows such as Orange is the New Black and Roots. He sits down with American actor and director Nick Sandow (Boardwalk Empire, Orange is the New Black) to talk about the relationship they’ve built over the years, the specific challenges for an actor to work on a long series before sharing their insider views regarding American TV shows.



Januar: RON BURRUS – „Filmschauspiel & Stella Adler“

„Making choices that sharpen your talent“

Teaching both in LA and NYC, Ron Burrus spent many years studying the teaching alongside Stella Adler and is known to be the greatest living exponent of her work. Stella Adler was a teacher of actors like Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro and Warren Beatty and many more. Ron talks about his work with Stella Adler and the evolution of the acting technique that was passed to him and the application of this realistic style of acting for film.


Lectures 2016:

November: JAMES KEMP – „Character Analysis & Movement Psychology“

Yat Malmgrem’s famous Movement Psychology work. At the heart of the work is the concept that we think with our bodies. That our bodies are revelatory of our inner workings, our psyche, of our thoughts and feelings. Therefore if we could learn to harness and manifest our inner sensations and in a precise way control and express them through our bodies we would be able to share every inner desire, want, thought or emotion with a watching audience.

Mai: KEN REA – „Warmth, Generosity, Enthusiasm, Danger, Grit, Presence, Charisma“

What makes an actor outstanding? Ken Rea, author of The Outstanding Actor, Seven Keys to Success, is the senior acting teacher at London’s famous Guildhall School of Music & Drama. In this lecture demonstration he will work with three actors to show what it is about the ‘British technique’ that makes audiences admire British actors so much. His past students include Orlando Bloom, Ewan MGregor, Michelle Dockery, Damian Lewis and Daniel Craig.

April: JAMES KEMP – „Yat Malmgren´s Character Analysis & Movement Psychology“

Renowned actor and coach James Kemp for this unmissable lecture in Character Analysis and Movement Psychology. James’s past students have included Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Emilia Clarke and many others.

Januar: RON BURRUS – „Growth as an actor and as a human being are synonymous“


Lectures 2015:

November: JAMES KEMP – „Yat Malmgren´s Character Analysis & Movement Psychology“

Juni: SANDRA SEACAT – „Approaching the Creative Process – How to make Authentic Choices“

Sandra Seacat is widely known for her teaching and coaching of her students such as Mickey Rourke, Laura Dern, Jessica Lange, Ryan Gosling, Aaron Eckhardt, Harvey Keitel, Isabella Rossellini, Meg Ryan and many more. She developed and teaches excercises that both reveal the actor to himself and the audience.


Lectures 2014:

November: JAMES KEMP – „Yat Malmgren´s Character Analysis & Movement Psychology“


Lectures 2013:

Mai: RON BURRUS – „Acting – Stella Adler“

Themen: Themes, Character´s Point of View, Making choices that sharpen your talent

Teaching both in LA and NYC, Ron Burrus spent many years studying the teaching alongside Stella Adler and is known to be the greatest living exponent of her work. Stella Adler was a teacher of actors like Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro and Warren Beatty and many more. Ron talks about his work with Stella Adler and the evolution of the acting technique that was passed to him and the application of this realistic style of acting for film.

Vorträge Schauspiel und Film