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Videos: Yat Malmgren Technik Einführungs Workshop mit James Kemp (Nächster Termin: Juni 2018 ), Sandra Seacat – The Beginning  (Mai 2018 ), Camera Acting Intensive with Ron Burrus (Januar 2019 )

Character Analysis & Movement Psychology

Yat Malmgrem’s famous Movement Psychology work. At the heart of the work is the concept that we think with our bodies. That our bodies are revelatory of our inner workings, our psyche, of our thoughts and feelings. Therefore if we could learn to harness and manifest our inner sensations and in a precise way control and express them through our bodies we would be able to share every inner desire, want, thought or emotion with a watching audience.

Laura Dern and Sandra Seacat

Sandra Seacat’s main concern when working with an actor is that the actor learn to fully express his or her own uniqueness and truth as a human being, and to break through the patterns and blockages that prevent the artist from living truthfully that part of themself that is the character fully on stage or in front of the camera. Ms. Seacat develops exercises that both reveal the actor to himself and the audience and also give the actor the courage to express who he is and to trust in himself and his talent.

Camera Acting Intensive with Ron Burrus

Working with film scripts, the actor will first audition for the role and then prepare a scene with a partner from the material provided. All work by the actor is filmed and from the viewing of the tape, adjustments are made either to be brought back or done on the spot. Advanced actors who have their own way of preparing material are best suited for this workshop.