The Studio

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“The Studio offers private coaching, workshops and masterclasses with internationally renowned acting tutors and coaches from London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin.

“Matthias Schott is a gifted and spirited artist, and an effective curator / organizer of events, serving actors and directors all over the world. He has fused his talent for creating workshops, intensives and “happenings” of all kinds, with his own experience as an instructor, and his cultivated, keen judgement and good taste. His endless curiosity and love of his art form, his city of Berlin and his fellow actors, seem to fuel his ability to selflessly give a great deal, year in and year out. – I wholeheartedly recommend working through his studio.” Seamus McNally (Acting Coach)
„The Studio that Matthias has built is unique and remarkable- I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else quite like it in Europe. He attracts world class international coaches, and the community that has developed around the studio is so dynamic and creative. Every workshop I’ve taken with the studio has been outstanding. The tutors and coaches are at the top of their game, and they’re incredibly generous with their time and expertise. Since first attending a workshop with the wonderful Sheila Gray in December 2019, I have made many new friends through workshops with the Studio, and feel like I’m part of something very special. “Daniel Baker (Actor)

What we offer:

– Further training opportunities for experienced actors and young talents

– Private Coachings for Professionals

– Further training for directors and scriptwriters (Auditors)

– Foundation Acting Courses for future drama students and other newcomers

– Audition preparation: Castings, Auditions/interviews for 3 years acting courses, Theatre auditions

– Acting/theatre seminars for adults: Personal development training. Acting exercises and improvisations – possibilities for personal and professional growth.

“Matthias, an acting teacher himself, has created wise and profound journeys for the actor. He is sympathetic to the students’ concerns and questions, and if necessary, can effectively communicate them to the teacher. During my workshop, Matthias was invaluable in helping to create the atmosphere of trust, which allowed all of us the freedom to achieve our individual gifts. It was important that the students could speak to Matthias, especially at the beginning of the workshop when we were all getting to know one another. He was a valued member of our group, and everything was organized in such a Wise Knowing Way.” Sandra Seacat
“I have already done several workshops with the Schott Acting Studio, and it has always been an amazing experience. Matthias has a great sense of choosing the most exquisite teachers from all over the world. – Creating a personal narrative with Martin Maron and Directing Personal Narrative with Tomer Adorian has been an incredible journey. Martin opens up with his kind and encouraging way, a space in which you can discover your own voice, the topics that are crucial for your soul right now, and guides you with his expertise towards creating a story out of this topic. Tomer has a strong theatrical background and helped me to find the visual aspect of my story. After that workshop, you feel uplifted, eager to develop and work on your own story, and so inspired by listening to the stories that your colleagues had to share. – This workshop is perfect for writers, actors, directors, and anyone who is longing to connect with oneself.” – Janina Elkin (The Queen´s Gambit, Der König von Palma, Fremdkörper)
“The Schott Acting Studio is a thoughtful space, offering a diverse spectrum of acting classes – all accommodating the quest to explore one’s creative drive. The studio is enabling artists from all walks of life to connect and commune in the love of authentic and playful expression.” Actress & Curator Anonym

Courses, Workshops, Masterclasses in Berlin:

Online Workshop with Mike Alfreds (London)

On-Camera Acting Workshop with Eric Reis

Acting Foundation Intensive & Movement for Actors with Matthias Schott

A 4 Days Creative Dream Work Intensive for Artists with Amanda Lovejoy Street

Acting Workshop with Sheila Gray (L.A.)

Fall Actor’s Intensive with Geordie Brookman

Actors’ and directors’ tools with Miranda Harcourt (New Zealand)

Susan Batson Technique with Matthias Schott

Acting Masterclass with Greta Seacat (L.A.)

Character Analysis & Movement Psychology with James Kemp (Drama Centre & LAMDA)

Audition Technique, Presence & Monologues with Ken Rea (Guildhall School of Music & Drama)

Scene Study (Theater) with Paul Miller (London, Drama Centre)

Coach, Director, Scene with Lena Lessing

Private Coaching

Schauspieltraining Berlin

Acting Studio Berlin