Acting Workshop Sandra Seacat

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Acting Coach Ryan Gosling, Laura Dern, Jessica Lange

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“The Beginning – Approaching the Creative Process

– How to make Authentic Choices”

with Sandra Seacat

Individual Assignment and Scenes from Anton Chekhov

The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters & The Cherry Orchard

Sandra Seacat’s main concern when working with an actor is that the actor learn to fully express his or her own uniqueness and truth as a human being, and to break through the patterns and blockages that prevent the artist from living truthfully that part of themself that is the character fully on stage or in front of the camera. Ms. Seacat develops exercises that both reveal the actor to himself and the audience and also give the actor the courage to express who he is and to trust in himself and his talent.

Ms. Seacat believes that the class environment is invaluable for the growth and development of the actor. In Ms. Seacat’s workshops, a bonding between the students provides the support and love which give them the courage and permission to explore and reveal their innermost feelings and emotions.

An important part of Ms. Seacat’s work is guiding the artist into communication with their Inner Creative Source through Dreams, Active Imagination, Rituals and other methods. Active Imagination provides communication with parts of the unconscious we are usually cut off from. When you go into your Active Imagination you experience things you never consciously knew, and express thoughts that you never thought or felt before. The actor is guided by the imagery of the unconscious and sets up experiments which take him into the experience of the truth of his own life and that of the character he is portraying.

Through the Dream Assignment Sandra teaches how to allow the artist’s dream to serve the creative process and enable them to come closer to the truthful essence of that part of them that is the character. And she also uses exercises that are instrumental in awakening and inspiring the artist to fully and truthfully express their true inner creative nature. The Ritual exercise is a physical experience that connects the artist with the inner experience they are working on to bring forth those deep interior parts of themselves that are the character in the play.

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Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Dates: March 30th to April 17th, 2020 | 15 Course Days
Normal Fee: 2275 Euro VAT inkl.
Early Registration Fee until March 1st: 2135 Euro VAT inkl.
Instant Booking Fee until February 1st, 2020: 1975 Euro VAT inkl.
Observer limited to 6 (Directors, Actors, Script Writers): 955 Euro
Monday to Friday. Schedule: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm | Lunch Break: 1 hour | Limited to 22 participants
70% of the places are already booked!
Due to the many reservation inquiries, places can only be guaranteed when booking.
For further information & application, please send us an Email – Rebecca Veil:
Level: Professional actors, Graduates from Drama Schools, Directors
Please add to your application a link to your Homepage/Agency or attach a full CV/resumé of your acting experience. After your email application to us, we make an appointment for a preliminary conversation (Skype or phone). In a preliminary talk, the content and framework conditions of the workshop are discussed and coordinated with your goals
(for in Germany registered actors): Bildungsprämie, GVL und FFA
Sandra Seacat Acting Workshop

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