Milton Justice teaches The Stella Adler Technique

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In-Person: Milton Justice teaches The Stella Adler Technique

A five-day intensive technique•analysis•performance

The Technique

Through her work with Stanislavsky, Stella Adler developed a definitive and now famous approach to acting, having trained such acting luminaries as Marlon Brando and Robert DiNiro. Her exercises demonstrate the accessible fundamentals of approaching a play and a screenplay. From deciphering the core idea of the text, to exploring character, action, circumstance and background, each exercise propels the actor experientially through the evolution of a part. Each class will begin with basic technique exercises.

Script Breakdown

One of the most illusive quests for the actor is the approach to text. Stella Adler was insistent that “your talent is in your choices,” but the question remained: how do you get to fresh, interesting and appropriate choices? Through a clear process of analyzing the script, the play is opened up and the character becomes clear, giving the actor full rein to fight the burden of clichés. A text will be chosen to explore, giving the actor key elements to access creative impulses.

Scene Study

The technique in action. A scene will be selected, the text broken down, character backgrounds discussed and built, improvisations around the text as a basis for the beginnings of rehearsal. An in-depth professional process taking the actor from first read through to a fully mounted performance of the scene.

“In his book Milton uses correspondences to not only teach a masterclass on acting but also to convey the
personal struggles and journey the actor takes to understanding. He covers the lost territory of Stella Adler’s
and Stanislavsky’s work to lift acting to high artistry through the use of the imagination and blood memory.
Everywhere you see the wisdom of Milton’s lifetime work… to understand acting for himself and his
students. There is a good deal to get from this endeavor. It’s practical and relatable.”
– Mark Ruffalo // Mark Ruffalo talks with Milton Justice about his acting process click here
“Milton has inspired me to work harder and make better choices at every stage of my acting career. He knows
what he is talking about. And he knows how to teach it.” 
Chris Carmack
“Milton Justice has been my director, my coach, and my friend for over 40 years. He inspires me. He simply
tells it like it is. I bet he will inspire you!” Margo Martindale

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More Information

Venue: In-Person – Schott Acting Studio/Berlin
Date: April 1st to 5th, 2024
Time: 11 noon to 5 pm CET
Normal Fee: 775 Euro 19% VAT. incl.
Early Registration Fee: 745 Euro 19% VAT. incl.
Instant Booking Fee: 695 Euro 19% VAT. incl.
Observer (Directors, Writers) Limited: 235 Euro 19% VAT. incl.
Save 8,5% on bookings of two or more workshops worth 850 Euro or more
Language: Englisch
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