Amanda Lovejoy Street

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Amanda Lovejoy Street

Amanda is a Dream Work facilitator and filmmaker based in New York. Her work explores our relationship with the unconscious and what is unearthed when we allow the unconscious impulses and images to arise.

As a student of the legendary Sandra Seacat, Amanda was first exposed to the relationship between creativity and dreams. Amanda took that curiosity to Kim Gillingham (Creative Dream Work) with whom she apprenticed and now teaches alongside, working with actors, writers, directors, musicians and visual artists who are seeking to develop a relationship with the unconscious as an ever replenishing source of creativity and depth. Some projects she has coached on include HBO’s The Staircase, Empire, Amazon’s Goliath, Netflix’s The Boys, Hulu’s Reprisal, The Rabbit Hole, Hilma, Earthquake Bird, Behind the Movement and Wild Goose Dreams (Public Theatre). She was an advisor for the 2021 and 2022 New Zealand Story Camp and will return in 2024. She recently completed a year-long course in Contemplative Care with the NY Zen Center.

Her first short film, MAGIC BULLET (with Rosemarie DeWitt and Molly Parker) premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2018. It went on to win Best Narrative Short at Indie Memphis, play at favorite festivals such as Maryland Film Festival and land a spot as a Vimeo Staff Pick. In 2019 she directed the Chk Chk Chk video for their song Ur Paranoid (Warp Records). In 2022, she directed Agender’s two for one video for Trouble & Desire and Womb 2 Wound. She is in development for two features – her solo project – SOMETHING HOLLOW and OHNONONO OH with Katie McGuinness.

It is Amanda’s continued exploration of her interior life coupled with years of esoteric inquiries, meditation, Dream Work and investigating the connections between dramaturgy, art and the psyche that have led her to her intuitive way of creating.  

As a writer coming to Creative Dream Work for the first time, I had in mind that I might make some progress in my screenwriting project and perhaps “unblock” my creativity a bit. But on a deeper level, there was so much more I was seeking — a deep missing of my own spirit, a desire to reconnect with the simple, joyful animal of my creativity, and the need to recuperate from the exhaustion of my anxieties.  I had no idea that my work with Amanda would so profoundly impact all levels of my being. What Amanda facilitates is true soul medicine. She possesses a vast creaturely intelligence that operates from a place of compassion, tenderness, and curiosity. It’s hard to put words to the experience of Creative Dream Work because it’s so all-encompassing. It’s alchemy. It’s play. It’s self-discovery. This work thrills and challenges me. It enlivens me. It’s potent and alive; it stays with me. In this dreaming, I am awakened to myself and to the world in such a vital way. Amanda’s presence in my creative journey has been nothing short of transformative. Since starting this work a year ago, she has guided me toward powerful (and surprising!) inner resources that help me inhabit myself more authentically and joyfully.” – Stephanie Adams-Santos (Two Sentence Horror Stories – Netflix, Dream of Xibalba – winner Orison Prize in Poetry)

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