“Actor’s Journey”

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 “Actor’s Journey” with Ümit Yaşar Bekar

Actor’s Journey–1 Scene in 5 Days
Combination of Meisner and Morris for Exploring

Every modern acting system/technique/approach/method focuses on getting to reality in a way. Some of them emphasize to opposite direction but their purpose is the same: to build a complete reality.

While Morris takes “I” in the center, Meisner puts “you” under the spotlights. Both of them try to reach reality, but they positioned differently their starting point. And this contrast presents us with a solution at the same time.

This five-day workshop introduces exercises, in a unique combination, from Sanford Meisner and Eric Morris, to help us expand our acting instrument and explore our work in additional dimensions.

  • How do Morris & Meisner systems work together at the same time?
  • How can I use my personal inventory to understand the character’s reality?
  • How can I use my emotions & behavior on stage?
  • How can I bring reality onto the stage?

We first listen to ourselves in order to understand other characters. Then we will extend this, to listen to our partner, decor, accessories, and the space itself. We will investigate our own and our character’s feelings, mindset, and behavior and turn our biases to our advantage.

* Before the workshop, we will give the participants a brief scene and they must memorize the dialogue.


Who is Ümit Yaşar Bekar ?

He has been acting since 2006, in many theater plays and in TV series / cinema / advertising / improvisational theatre. Since 2014, he has been both an acting trainer and acting coach, as part of Istanbul’s premier training studio, Atölye Craft.
The focus of his work has especially been on the combinations of different disciplines and how they can be brought together more beneficially. He also runs independent workshops of his own in Istanbul and Ankara.

Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Dates: August 22nd to 26th
Schedule: 11 am – 17 pm | 5 Days
Normal Fee: 475 Euro VAT 19% incl.
Early Registration Fee: 445 Euro VAT 19% incl.
Instant Booking Fee until July 26th: 395 Euro VAT 19% incl.
Limited to: 14 Participants
Teaching language: Englisch (& additional Turkish)
For information & application please send us an Email: info@schott-acting-studio.de
Alper Yahşi:
“A workshop not to miss! Umit was kind enough to travel to Ankara to teach and we are grateful for his time and knowledge. It is almost impossible to find a teacher who knows Meisner & Morris and teaches a mixture according to the actor’s need. Thanks for helping our actors to be truthful on the stage…”Osman Atalay:
“An amazing three-day trip!! New questions, new discoveries… With very productive information and experience on both Morris and Meisner techniques, we put on an impressive scene in the finale. I am thrilled and very lucky to have embarked on this journey with a very sincere, loving, and understanding mentor. “It was VERY good to meet at the same stop. See you on the way…” Thank you Ümit.”Deniz Gezici:
“This workshop was an incredible experience. I had a wonderful journey for 3 days. I am not afraid of making mistakes anymore. For example, it has liberated me so much that I discovered myself, my inner world. It turns out how much this fear hinders me. It is necessary to love and care about what you do, in order to be so patient, so real and self-sacrificing. Umit, thank you endlessly. I’m glad we met at this stop.Kumsal Çakır:
“It was a deeply focused workshop. I enjoyed it very much. Ümit is the best teacher I’ve ever worked with. He is very disciplined, intelligent and attentive to his students. I can’t wait to attend his other workshops!”