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We ask you to contact us as a first step by email. For reasons of time teaching, private coachings, workshops, we cannot respond to spontaneous visits or to conduct information calls directly on the spot without appointment. If you are interested in individual workshops or working with a specific teacher, please send us an email with the request, after which it is possible to make an appointment. We appreciate your understanding. * (As we receive more and more requests for casting actors for low-budget projects, presentation moderation jobs, music videos, etc., we kindly request that you avoid sending casting inquiries. Please contact casting agents or other responsible agencies. Our focus isn’t on representing actors for budget-saving productions! Well-scripted low-budget film projects are exceptions only if they offer aspiring actors or English-speaking actors in Berlin top material for a reel on time. Kindly provide a complete role description and pre-formulate it so that we can easily forward any inquiries.)

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