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Analysis of Plays
Anton Chekhov
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Eastern Acting- & Movement Techniques
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Film/Tv: Audition Technique
Foundation Course
Henrik Ibsen
Laban Movement Analysis
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Movement Training for Actors
On Camera Acting
On Characterization
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Personal Narrative
Physical Characterization: Animal Work
Psychological Typology
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Weekend Acting Workshop
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Yat Malmgren´s Character Analysis & Movement Psychology
Resultat Result

Camera Acting Workshop + Demo Reel Scene

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In this exciting practical workshop, experienced TV director Rainer Hackstock (including 25 episodes of the ORF/ZDF hit series SOKO Kitzbühel) not only offers valuable insights into working on a film set, but also prepares, rehearses and shoots duo demo scenes. No later than two weeks after the end of the course, each participant will receive “their” scene, professionally edited with music, titles and color correction for their own use. Short “About me’s” can also be filmed on request.

This practical workshop is for anyone who wants to gain stress-free camera experience and at the same time take home a “result”: From talented amateurs to theater actors or singers to extras who would like to train for a speaking role. The workshop is also interesting for trained actors who need a current demo scene.

Movement & Creating A Character

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Laban Technique-Animal Work-Mask Work-Little known Eastern Techniques

Laban Technique
Developing Body Awareness: Physical training, particularly Laban, allows actors to become more attuned to their bodies. By understanding the dynamics of movement, space, and energy, actors can expand their range of expression, thus deepening their characters’ authenticity…

Online: Analysis of Chekhov´s “Three Sisters” with Mike Alfreds

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Online: Analysis of Chekhov´s “Three Sisters”

with Mike Alfreds

In 5 sessions of two hours


1: Break-down of the structure and general organisation of the play
2: Detailed analysis of a single character.
3: Analysis of all the characters’ super objectives and the super objective of the play.
4: As a finale: putting all the above elements together to decide what the themes of the play are and how that would be imagined physically on stage.

Creating Personal Narrative A Workshop-Retreat with Martin Moran

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Join Broadway Veteran and OBIE and Multiple-Award-Winning Solo performer, Martin Moran, for this one-week intensive workshop–contemplative writing retreat, exploring the power of personal narrative.

“To tell our stories skillfully; to bare our souls bravely, is a powerful way to mend the world.”

I want to invite you to Eden for a unique workshop-retreat this September. An opportunity to work alongside fellow artists in a concentrated container; devoting ourselves to the personal stories that call out from within and honing the skills it takes to shape them.

Online: Analysis of Ibsen´s “Ghosts” with Mike Alfreds

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In 6 sessions of two hours, each with a break of 5 minutes.


1: Break-down of the structure and general organisation of the play
2: Detailed analysis of a single character.
3: Analysis of all the characters’ super objectives and the super objective of the play.
4: As a finale: putting all the above elements together to decide what the themes of the play are and how that would be imagined physically on stage.

The class requires preparation and very good English language skills!

Dreamwork for Actors and Artists with Ken Barnett

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In this workshop, participants will be engaging with fresh material from their unconscious as delivered by a dream. This potent material provides the opportunity to drop into our most intimate inner lives.

Working physically, participants will be guided to ask the thinking mind to soften in order to invite the truth held in the body to express freely.

Discover what is within you that is longing to be expressed in your creative work, and unveil the patterns of thinking or behavior that are limiting you in your capacity for full expression.

Actors’ and directors’ tools

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Actors’ and directors’ tools

with International Coach Miranda Harcourt

For Actors, directors, screenwriters and auditors welcome.

Renowned as a performance-pilot, not only does Miranda support stars at the highest level, but also guides emerging talents into stellar careers.

Miranda shifts paradigms, empowering actors to realize and activate their own talent. In her active masterclasses, specifically developed for Zoom, she introduces simple, fast, innovative approaches.


A 3 Day Creative Dream Work Intensive for Artists with Amanda Lovejoy Street

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Deepen your understanding of the tools of Creative Dream Work through the exploration of a dream or a creative project as a dream. This is a three day in person intensive limited to participants who can wholeheartedly commit to the entire workshop. Dream work experience is not as necessary as a commitment and willingness to fully explore.

An Introduction to Creative Dream Work with Amanda Lovejoy Street

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In this introduction, we will explore the tools of the work both experientially and through dialogue. We will begin by opening the body, voice and breath, experimenting with getting off the grid and into the non habitual. As we slow down and soften the central nervous system, we will seek to drop into a relaxed, meditative space where we will humbly make contact with the unconscious through inner symbols and figures and unearth what our artistry might crave and need at this time.

Spring Solo Performance Masterclass

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Spring Solo Performance Masterclass
4 day workshop with a performance outcome on the final day.

Join director, teacher and dramaturg Geordie Brookman for a four day acting intensive focussed on a combination of scene building and physicality.

We will provide participants with a carefully chosen contemporary short play (either a 2 or 3 hander) and, with Geordie’s guidance, will analyse, rehearse and present the works by the end of the intensive.

Story for Tellers with Tomer Adorian

Personal Writing
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How to tell stories that matter

As actors, directors, and writers, we often describe our work as storytelling. Yet, have we ever stopped to think about what makes a story interesting? What is it that turns a series of facts or events into a narrative?

In this two-week intensive, we will explore the elements of story structure and the art of telling it to others. Each week, we will discover new methods and tools to unlock the hidden meanings behind monologues, scenes, and fiction. Tell stories, share work, and clarify our artistic voices in order to better our individual crafts.

We geared the course toward theatre-makers of all facets, looking to expand their knowledge and take ownership of their work.

Tomer Adorian is a New York based director and theatre-maker.

Master Class: Scene Study

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Join Terry for this two day Master Class Intensive online! The focus of Master Class is simple: How to make your scene work better. We will explore bold choices, rich relationships, authentic inner life and full use of your imaginations. All of this should support your work to be lively, rich and free. Be prepared to work and play hard.

On-Camera Acting Masterclass

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On-Camera Acting Masterclass with Eric Reis

Masterclass Part I & II (In-Person/Berlin)

Eric’s classes are tailored for the seasoned professional looking to sharpen their skill set and the trained actor transitioning into film & television. They’re designed to address the paradox that puzzles actors of every level of experience: namely, that being a good actor doesn’t itself lead to being an employed actor, or to landing better roles.

The root of the problem is that most acting training emphasizes the actor’s ability to take the words on the page and transform them into a character with a rich and deep emotional life. All of which is extremely important. But without a clear understanding of how the camera works and the specific requirements of working in front of it, ultimately ineffective.

Acting Online Classroom

Online Schauspielkurse
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Acting Online Classes. See an overview of the current online classes and training sessions

Physical Characterization: Animal Work with Matthias Schott

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Animal work is a wonderful tool for creating a physical life different from our own and essential work in our quest to create a character. We base our work on animal movements and behaviour through detailed observation. We become the animal totally. From the humble rabbit and to the majestic eagle to the comical duck and proud lion. Once the animal has been established in our bones we understood it’s dynamics we slowly see how our investigations effect our bodies when we start to humanise the movements.

Summer Acting Intensive with Matthias Schott

Schauspiel Sommer Intensiv
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We create a basis for your further work as an actor. Stanislawski and various english and american developments of his methods of Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg offer you a framework to learn the most important aspects of the art of acting. Improvisations, exercises and scene work that will stimulate your imagination and ability to transform, in order to be able to act convincingly in front of the camera or on the stage + Improvisation and Exercises from British Drama Schools LAMDA, RADA, Guildhall and Drama Centre.


Masterclass On Characterisation with Mike Alfreds

Die Möwe Tschechow
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Mike Alfreds is giving an extended workshop on Characterisation using characters from Chekhov‘s Seagull. In it, he will explore techniques for developing character that range from deconstructing the text through the four lists to physical disciplines such as those created by Laban, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski, et al.

He will also deal with the necessity to reach beyond one’s personal cultural framework to those of people who lived in a different place and time. So elements of style will be explored. The workshop will include processess for playing scenes, working on actions, objectives, units, beats and points of conecentration.

Acting Workshop with Sheila Gray

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Recognized for her work in series such as ‘Sex and the City‘, ‘The Sopranos’ among many others; Sheila Gray will be in Berlin conducting an acting workshop.

This workshop will be a survey class of tools an actor can implement while rehearsing and performing with an emphasis on film technique. Since working in film is an intimate process with the camera picking up subtleties we will focus on how to develop privacy in a public setting and how to create a rich internal life and inner dialogue that the camera will then pick up.

Presence and Audition Technique with Ken Rea

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Ken Rea’s teaching focuses on how actors can unlock their creativity and presence to project their unique individuality. This intensive workshop draws on a variety of sources, including little known eastern techniques. It shows you how to achieve a more compelling presence, have greater ownership of the text and maintain a relaxed but vital energy, even in stressful situations such as castings, auditions and the pressures of filming. It also explores how you can attain specificity and greater detail in character choices.

Acting Masterclass with Greta Seacat

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Allowing the talent to reach its full potential removing the obstacles that inhibit the expression of the individual unique Talent. ABOUT GRETA SEACAT: World renowned acting coach and teacher. Greta works with A list, Oscar and golden globe winning actors. HOW SHE WORKS: Sandra Seacat’s Technique Founded in the Method (Actor´s Studio) and with new approaches to the unconscious the seat of the creative impulse. Dream work and use of the archetypes.

Character Analysis & Movement Psychology with James Kemp

Yat Malmgren
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This work provides an accurate and complete way of describing human behaviour and its dramatic representation, giving an actor the tools to transform body and mind into the shape, form and thoughts of a new character. It provides a way to create nuanced and detailed characterisation, and to access inner sensations ripe for use in dramatic circumstances. Clear examples will be given of what physical actions prompt what psychological responses, how those two areas are linked and entwined, how character is formed through control of the body’s movement, how different psychological types are manifested physically.

Shakespeare for Young People with Charlie Dupré

Shakespeare Vorsprechen Schauspielschule
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An English language workshop devoted to the words and stories of William Shakespeare.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to develop more confidence with Shakespeare’s language
  • You have an audition coming up that you’d like some help with
  • You enjoy having fun with Shakespeare’s stories and characters
  • You just like theatre!

Young Writers Program with Andreas Resch

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*Age: 15 – 19 years old

Are you interested in telling and writing stories? Do you love reading plays, going to the theatre, avidly watching TV series or are you fascinated by complex storytelling and multi-faceted characters? Are you in the process of writing your own one-act play or short film or perhaps do you simply want to learn more about the ins-and-outs of dramatic writing?