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Welcome to the site of the Schott Acting Studio, Berlin. See an overview of the current seminars, workshops and training sessions or use the navigation links.

June 10th & 22th: Introduction to Laban with Mike Alfreds | “SIR IAN MCKELLEN in conversation with PETER THOMSON about MIKE ALFREDS”  || * Back LIVE: Acting Foundation Intensive  for aspiring talents/becoming actors/canidates for drama schools – ** July fully booked – Next dates August 23rd to 27th || *** And Action! Acting Course for Non-Actors/Absolute Beginners
Intermediate/Advanced Acting Intensive with Geordie Brookman
Postponed due to Covid 19 regulations! Autumn | 5 Days | In Berlin

Over the course of five days participants will be taken through a highly collaborative approach to scene building, character work and theatre making. Using his almost two decades of international directing experience Geordie Brookman will help participants push the limits of their craft, take their acting to the next level and learn an assortment of practical skills that they can utilise when approaching theatre, film or television work. By the end of the week all participants will have worked up both a detailed scene and monologue that they will be able to take with them as an addition to their audition portfolio. [read more…]
Physical Characterization: Animal Work with Matthias Schott
August/September; 2021 | 2 Days | In Berlin

Animal work is a wonderful tool for creating a physical life different from our own and essential work in our quest to create a character. We base our work on animal movements and behaviour through detailed observation… [read more…]
Chekhov technique with Kathrin Heuer and Sarah Purcell
2 weekends: November 13th/14th & 20th/21st; 2021 | 2 Days | In Berlin

Workshop topic – psychological gesture. By getting to know psycho-physical exercises, we become familiar with Michael Chekhov’s technique and his ideas of how to train the body of the actor. On this basis, we deepen our work and dedicate ourselves to the different centers of the body, which give us a rich scope for inner and outer experience to broaden our space for creative play…[read more…]
Acting Foundation Intensive with Matthias Schott
August Monday, 23rd to Friday, 27th; 2021 | 5 Days | In Berlin

We create a basis for your further work as an actor. Stanislawski and various english and american developments of his methods of Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg offer you a framework to learn the most important aspects of the art of acting. Improvisations, exercises and scene work that will stimulate your imagination and ability to transform, in order to be able to act convincingly in front of the camera or on the stage. [read more…]
3 Day Susan Batson Technique Intensive with Matthias Schott
August/September; 2021 | 3 Days | in Berlin

Participation only with pre-experience in the Susan Batson Technique. We train: To master emotional scenic requirements with ease, Imagination, Connection Feeling – Behaviour, Sense Memory, How to play actions rather than words, Trusting your own impulses and decisions. We will combine Susan Batson preparation with Stella Adler´s approach to physicalize the actions and excercises to strengthen your presence. [read more…]

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