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Welcome to the site of the Schott Acting Studio, Berlin. See an overview of the current seminars, workshops and training sessions or use the navigation links.

Stella Adler: Scene Study & Camera Acting with Ron Burrus (LA/NY)
January Monday, 8th to Friday, 12th; 2018 | 5 Days | Flyer. pdf | In Berlin

Teaching both in LA and NYC, Ron Burrus spent many years studying the teaching alongside Stella Adler and is known to be the greatest living exponent of her work. Her techniques have been studied by actors such as Robert De Niro, Martin Sheen, Roy Scheider, Vincent D’Onofrio, Mark Ruffalo, Warren Beatty, Salma Hayek, Michael Imperioli, Christoph Waltz, Benicio del Toro, and Marlon BrandoActors providing what words cannot do ■ Proving truthfulness to self ■ Unspoken language of film acting ■ Theme and POV ■ Sequence-growth-climax ■ Actions first – words second [read more…]
Acting Foundation Course with Matthias Schott
January Monday, 15th to Wednesday, 31th; 2018 | 2,5 Weeks | In Berlin

We create a basis for your further work as an actor. Stanislawski and various english and american developments of his methods of Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg offer you a framework to learn the most important aspects of the art of acting. Improvisations, exercises and scene work that will stimulate your imagination and ability to transform, in order to be able to act convincingly in front of the camera or on the stage. [read more…]
Acting Workshop with Sheila Gray (NY/LA)
March Saturday, 24th to Wednesday, 28th; 2018 | In Berlin

Recognized for her work in series such as ‘SEX AND THE CITY’, ‘THE SOPRANOS’ among many others. Sheila Gray will be in Berlin conducting an acting workshop. Since working in film is an intimate process with the camera picking up subtleties we will focus on how to develop privacy in a public setting and how to create a rich internal life and inner dialogue that the camera will then pick up. [read more…]
Susan Batson Technique with Matthias Schott
February Saturday, 10th to Sunday, 11th; 2018 | 2 Days | In Berlin

The training is suitable for actors with and without prior knowledge of the Susan Batson technique. The training teaches the actor to transform his own longings, fears, memories and sensations into the logical and focused energy of the character and his/her short monologue. [read more…]
“Character Analysis & Movement Psychology” with James Kemp (LAMDA, London)
March, 2018 | 7 Days | Introduction & Intermediate | In Berlin

Yat Malmgrem’s famous Movement Psychology work. At the heart of the work is the concept that we think with our bodies. That our bodies are revelatory of our inner workings, our psyche, of our bodies and feelings. Therefore if we could learn to harness and manifest our sensations and in a precise way control and express them through our bodies we would be able to share every inner desire, want, thought or emotion with a watching audience. James Kemp students have included Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Emilia Clarke, Killian Scott, Gwendoline Christie and many more. [read more…]

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