“And Action! Acting Course”

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“And Action! Weekend – Acting Course for those who just like to play and have fun!” with Matthias Schott

Through theater games, physical exercises and improvisations, the participants gradually learn to slip into a role and to implement scenes with the help of their own imagination. We will discover the full range of our expressiveness and learn to trust our own impulses. A strong focus of the course is on arriving in the here and now and reacting spontaneously to the other person.

We create a creative space in which we can come into contact with our own body, feelings and finally interact live again. Experiences and feelings of the last few months can also be expressed as a role and be given space in improvisations and scenes.

For whom is the course suitable?

  • All non-actors, beginners, career changers (minimum age 16 years)
  • As a trial course or just for fun
Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Dates: December 11th & 12th; 2021
Schedule: Saturday + Sunday from 10:30 – 4/4:30 pm | 2 Days
Normal Fee: 115 Euro 19% VAT incl.
Early Registration Fee: 95 Euro 19% VAT incl.
Limited: 12 participants
Teaching language: German & English (playing in both languages possible)
More Information & Application please write us: info@schott-acting-studio.de

“The foundation acting course with Matthias is fantastic. It was engaging and exciting. Every exercise opened something new up and allowed us to step beyond ourselves and our habits and into a more honest place from which we could perform.”

“Did a weekend course. Learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I took a 3 week intensive course, and it exceeded my expectations! Matthias is a very humble and talented teacher who pushes you to go outside of your comfort zone. I highly recommend Schott Acting Studio for anyone who’s curious and wants to have a great time. This is very suitable for beginners or intermediates or for anyone who wants to have some fun!” – Facebook Feedbacks