Lee Strasberg Acting Method

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Unveiling the Lee Strasberg Acting Method


The world of acting has witnessed various influential figures who have shaped the art of performance, but few have left as enduring a legacy as Lee Strasberg. Strasberg is credited with developing a unique and transformative acting method that has brought forth some of the most memorable performances in theater and cinema history. In this article, we will delve into the world of the Lee Strasberg Acting Method, exploring its origins, key principles, and lasting impact on the acting community.

Origins and Influences:

Born in 1901 in New York City, the teachings of Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavsky deeply influenced Lee Strasberg. Strasberg ardently subscribed to Stanislavsky’s philosophy of psychological realism, which placed a strong emphasis on emotional authenticity and believability in performance. Strasberg eventually joined the Group Theatre, an innovative theater troupe from the 1930s devoted to producing socially impactful and psychologically authentic shows.

Key Principles of the Lee Strasberg Acting Method:

Emotional Memory:

At the core of Strasberg’s technique is the concept of emotional memory, also known as the affective memory. It involves actors drawing upon their personal experiences to evoke authentic emotions and connect with the character’s inner life. Recall and reliving emotional memories can help actors infuse their performances with a genuine sense of truthfulness and depth.

Given Circumstances:

Strasberg believed in analyzing the character’s given circumstances, including the time, place, relationships, and events surrounding them. This deep exploration enhances an actor’s understanding of their character’s motivations, allowing them to embody the role more convincingly and bring a sense of realism to their performance.

Sense Memory:

Another significant aspect of the method involves employing the five senses to generate specific physical and emotional responses. Sensory recall is, among other applications, an effective tool for actors to create realistic physical conditions such as feeling disorientation of being drunk or the sweat and dizziness of experiencing heat.

Improvisation and Experimentation:

Strasberg encouraged actors to experiment, explore, and improvise to discover new layers of their character’s psyche. This process facilitates a more in-depth understanding of the character’s thoughts, motivations, and actions, leading to more nuanced and authentic portrayals.

Impact and Lasting Influence:

Strasberg’s method transformed the acting industry and left an indelible mark on the craft that persists to this day. His realistic approach to acting paved the way for a new era of authenticity on stage and screen.

Notable Actors Influenced by the Lee Strasberg Acting Method:

Countless actors have embraced Strasberg’s teachings and incorporated his method into their craft. Some of the most notable actors who were impacted by his technique include Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and Ellen Burstyn. These artists have left an indelible mark on the history of acting, dazzling audiences with their remarkable performances and embodying the power of the Strasberg Acting Method.

Common criticism:

Some have criticized the Lee Strasberg Method’s focus on exploring emotions for neglecting the importance of technical proficiency and discipline. Critics argue that this focus on internal emotional experience can lead to actors becoming self-indulgent, rather than relating to their scene partner and empathizing with the character’s circumstances. Incorrectly taught processes can be the root cause of misunderstandings. To make the most of Emotional Memory, it’s important to begin each session by tuning into the senses, rather than aiming for a particular emotional response. In doing so, the unique experiences and sensations that arise each time may pleasantly surprise you. Actors who lack experience with Emotional Memory may struggle to understand that it is a tool for personal preparation, rather than something to be used during rehearsals or performances with scene partners.


The Lee Strasberg Acting Method remains a cornerstone of acting technique, revered for its emphasis on emotional authenticity and psychological depth. Strasberg’s groundbreaking contributions have elevated the craft, allowing actors to delve into the complexities of human nature and deliver masterful performances.

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