Rudolf Laban Movement Analysis

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Discover Your Personal Movement

Rudolf Laban – Movement – Movementanalysis

12 Days Workshop for Actors, Directors, Dancers, Teachers and Explorers

with Joan van der Mast (Neitherlands/ London)

Termin: Bei Interesse an den neuen Terminen für 2015, bitte kurz email an uns und wir informieren euch unmittelbar, sobald diese feststehen !
: Berlin
Zeiten: 12 Tage | Mo. bis Sa. | Jeweils von 11:00 bis 18:00 Uhr | from 11 am to 6 pm
Kosten: 780 Euro inkl. MwSt.
Frühbucher/Ermäßigt: 680 Euro inkl. MwSt.
Participationfee total: 780 Euro for 12 days/ Early booking only 680 Euro
Fördermöglichkeiten: Bildungsprämie und GVL / Download: Discover Your Personal Movement
Für Infos & Anmeldungen bitte schreiben oder anrufen: oder 0173/ 616 50 88


The Content

“We should be able to do every imaginable movement and then select those which seem to be the most suitable and desirable for our own nature. Only each individual himself can find these. For this reason, practice of the free use of kinetic and dynamic possibilities is of the greatest advantage. We should be acquainted both with the general movement capacities of a healthy body and mind and with the specific restrictions and capacities resulting from the individual structure of our own bodies and minds.” (R. Laban)

Every human is a unique being with a specific movement profile. In this 12 days workshop the wide range of possibilities of expressive movement, personal movement patterns, communicative and social skills will be explored, clarified and deepened. Most of our communication happens on a non-verbal level and therefore it is of great importance that we know more about this, for instance how the use of personal space effects us or how the use of weight is influencing our social interaction. The way we are using and shaping our body and how we use effort and space is determining how we perceive the world around us and how the world around us perceives us and how we interact.

Participants will have an opportunity to discover how personal habits of movement can help or hold back their actions. They will enrichen their personal movement skills and expressiveness. Analysing personal movement style is a way of self reflection and becoming more literate in movement will effect our bodily feeling, self confidence and self esteem. Enhanced self awareness may help improve insecurity and shyness en will improve communication and performance skills.

The Method
The content of the workshop will focus on an in depth exploration of the wide range of movement possibilities that has been developed in Laban Movement Analysis. We will focus the use of Body, Space, Shape and Effort and its implications for personal movement patterns, communicative and social skills. In this intensive journey of practice, instruction/demonstration, discussion/reflection and observation participants will work on their own and others’ movement preferences.

Rudolf Laban Movement Analysis (LMA)
Laban Movement Analysis is the way and language for interpreting, describing, visualizing and notating all ways of human movement.  Created by Rudolf Laban, and further developped by his students. LMA draws on his theories of Effort and Shape to describe, interprete and document how the human body moves. Used as a tool by dancers, actors, choreographers, art directors, athletes, physical and occupational therapists, it is one of the most widely used systems of human movement analysis. Laban Movement Analysis is an outgrowth of Laban’s theories that comprises movement into four categories: Body, Effort, Shape and Space.

Irmgard Bartenieff created an organised basic approach for training functional expressive movement which is called Bartenieff Fundamentals, which is based on the principles of dynamic algnment, breath support, core support, initiation and sequencing, spatial intent, weight, effort and patterning.
In this course we will use LMA, Bartenieff Fundamentals, but also Yoga, Modern Dance, improvisation & composition, contact improvisation, hands-on body work to enhance the above mentioned purpose.
During the last three days we will also focus on performance skills and create a final presentation which will be shared with an audience.

Programm Information
Study Material, Reader provided by Joan van der Mast
Current language will be English ( I also speak, Dutch, German, French)
The study includes improvisation and short dance and movement phrases in the frame of the following systems:
– Laban Movement Analysis
– Laban Based Modern Dance
– Bartenieff Fundamentals
– Contact Improvisation
– Yoga en Pilates
– Composition

Main Activities
– PRACTICE of movement and analysis in groups/dyads
– IMPROVISATION/structured dance in short phrases
– INSTRUCTION offered by the teacher
– DEMONSTRATION presented by participants
– DISCUSSION of daily movement and routines
– REFLECTION upon each other movement
– OBSERVATION of each other and sample video materials
– FINAL PRESENTATION in a performance kind of setting at the end of the workshop




Videomaterial Joan van der Mast:

Teaching-Joan van der Mast´s class

Laban Based Modern Dance with Joan van der Mast

Promo film performance global water dances

tv interview in Russia






For further information about Joan van der Mast please click here.


Teilnahmerücktritt: Bei Rücktritt per mail bis 14 Tage vor Workshopbeginn wird nur eine Stornogebühr von 30 % fällig, danach 50 %. Der restliche Betrag wird zurückerstattet. Bei kurzristigem Rücktritt wegen Krankheit ( mit Vorlage Krankschreibung ) und höherer Gewalt ( z.B. ausfallende Flüge ect. ) fällt nur die Stornogebühr von 30% an. Bei Rücktritt 1 Tag vor Beginn oder am Tage des Workshops ist eine Rückerstattung des Betrags nicht mehr möglich, es kann aber ein Ersatzteilnehmer/in gestellt werden.