Self, Ego and Persona

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The Three Energies Of The Character| for Actors and Actresses
mit Paolo Antonio Simioni
Acting Coach, Theatre Director and Actor

Ort: Berlin
Zeiten: 10:00 – 18:00 Uhr | Neue Termine in Kürze hier oder über Newsletter
Kosten: 3 Tage | 270 Euro (inkl. 19% MwSt.) | Frühbucher: 250 Euro
Für Infos & Anmeldungen bitte schreiben oder anrufen: oder 0173/ 616 50 88
Respecting the structure, the steps and the almost scientific analysis of characters and scripts, typical of the American system, he created exercises able to completely pass by the work on the personal stuff of the actor, opening anyway powerfully his emotional instrument, using just the physical actions and the emotional statements of the character.
The three most important steps he will introduce during the workshop are: the Emotional Arch, the Magic Box and the Dream of the Character. With examples of application to a monologue. The actor is required to freely choose a character from a screenplay, a drama or a novel.
  • How to use effectively the Three Energies as a tool for auditions and castings
  • How to get to the core of a crucial conflict within a character and use the experience of it
  • How to create intuitively the emotional arch of a character within a days work
  • How to create step by step all the necessary aspects of a character and then to use them in a single scene.


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