Movement for Actors

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 Movement for Actors with Matthias Schott

Laban Technique-Animal work-Mask Work-Little known eastern techniques

Free introductory session on March 21st.

Laban Technique
Developing Body Awareness: Physical training, particularly Laban, allows actors to become more attuned to their bodies. By understanding the dynamics of movement, space, and energy, actors can expand their range of expression, thus deepening their characters’ authenticity.

Enhancing Presence and Spatial Awareness: Actors who undergo Laban training are trained to use their physical presence effectively on stage or screen. Exercises focused on body-space relationships are at the core of the Laban technique, which can help actors confidently occupy and interact with their surroundings. This heightened spatial awareness enables performers to adapt and respond instinctively to the performance space, other actors, and props, adding layers of depth to their performances.


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Animal Work

Animal work is a wonderful tool for creating a physical life different from our own and essential work in our quest to create a character. We base our work on animal movements and behaviour through detailed observation. We become the animal totally. From the humble rabbit and to the majestic eagle to the comical duck and proud lion. Once we establish the animal in our bones, we understand its dynamics. We slowly see how our investigations affect our bodies when we humanise the movements. You find that you truly become someone other than yourself. Down to the way, you lift your foot and scratch your ear.

Mask Work

Character development: Working with masks enables actors to step outside of their comfort zones and inhabit characters with distinct physical traits and personalities.

Improvisation skills: By learning to adapt to different situations and challenges while wearing a mask, actors can develop their ability to think quickly on their feet and respond creatively to unexpected circumstances.

Masks allow students and actors to explore a wide range of emotions without feeling self-conscious.

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A journey for – freeing the body and the imagination – nurturing a curiosity for human behavior & – analyzing universal movement patterns. The goal is to support actors/actresses develop a clear mind-body relationship, to guide them to experience the body as an expressive instrument and to bring playfulness and instinct to their work.

„I think of the magic, the intrusion into the memory of childhood. There is happiness and there’s fear to be conquered. The body needs to know that it is being used, that we can count on it. The imagination is being cleared up and that happens through the body – I’m certain.“ Ariane Mnouchkine

“The astonishing structure of the body and the amazing actions it can perform are some of the greatest miracles of existence. Each phase of movement, every small transference of weight, every single gesture of any part of the body reveals some feature of our inner life.“ Rudolf Laban

Venue: Berlin | Monthly training day!
Take advantage of the free introductory session on March 21st.
Schedule: Thursday | 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
It’s absolutely free, although donations for our social-cultural projects are possible.
* It is necessary to register (form below).
First official session on March 22th.
Schedule: Friday | 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
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Participants number limited: 14

For further information & application, please send us an email:

Actors are undercover agents. You must constantly spy on people, studying their character elements…Acting is hard because it requires ….constant study of human behavior.” – Stella Adler

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