Acting Workshop with Sheila Gray

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Acting Workshop with Sheila Gray

Recognized for her work in series such as ‘Sex and the City‘, ‘The Sopranos’ among many others; Sheila Gray will be in Berlin conducting an acting workshop. Exercises and Scene Work.

This workshop will be a survey class of tools an actor can implement while rehearsing and performing with an emphasis on film technique. Since working in film is an intimate process with the camera picking up subtleties we will focus on how to develop privacy in a public setting and how to create a rich internal life and inner dialogue that the camera will then pick up. This will enable the actors to embody the characters and the stories they tell in a realistic and unique way. We will work on preparation, concentration and the physicality for the scenes in order to bring the intensity and depth which make film scenes so dynamic and exciting. I will often interject during an exercise or scene in order to guide it and accustom the actor to taking direction in the moment.

Sheila is a wonderful acting coach. She worked with all the actors on “A Bronx Tale. ” Sheila is able to prepare and rehearse the actors while keeping the scenes fresh and spontaneous. She was great to have on set. I am always happy to recommend her.” Robert De Niro
“I needed a little bit more push. That’s what coaches do. He threw me in an acting boot camp with Ms. Sheila Gray out of New York City. She’s amazing. For five days, I had one-on-ones with her for hours and then went to her improv class. During those five days, she was able to break things down for me and fine-tune what I had already figured out. She made me comfortable understanding what I was walking into and how to use my tool. It was like a therapy session every day! I’m so appreciative of her. I still work with her now. So that’s the only type of training I had — getting in touch with my instrument and being able to execute it when I needed to.”” – Kali Reis – True Detectives HBO – Castingnetworks)
“Working with Sheila Gray has given me more confidence in my work than I’ve ever had before. She’s helped me thoroughly develop and understand my characters, taught me techniques I rely on tremendously, and with her help I truly feel that I have learned so much about myself as an actor. We are only a year into working together, but I now feel that I don’t know what I’d do without her! She is an amazing, honest, meticulous, and supportive acting coach, and a wonderful person. Lily-Rose Depp (“La danseuse”, “The King”)

“People often prepare for movies or plays they are about to work on during my workshops. If students would like to do this, please send us the material in advance so we can review and be familiar with it. That way, we can use our time in the most productive way.”

Dates: December 16th to 20th, 2024 | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: In Berlin | Limited to 24 participants
Normal Fee: 825 Euro VAT incl.
Early Registration Fee: 775 Euro VAT incl.
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Observer 5 Day Ticket (Actors, directors, writers, producers, … | Limited to 12): 285 Euro
Observer 3 Day Ticket: 180 Euro incl. VAT.
Observer 2 Day Ticket: 130 Euro incl. VAT.
Grands: GVL (30%) | (Levels: Experienced Actors, Young Talents, Talented Newcomers)
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    The class will begin with relaxation and body work, followed by emotional and imaginative exercises to stimulate and inspire the actors. Through improvisations, the actors will practice being in the moment, working off of each other and bringing their own depth and truth to the characters and stories they are portraying. The class should feel like a rehearsal process rather than a performance, so the actors are free to explore and discover without pressure. Most of the improvisations will be short-format as the average film scene is no longer than 2-3 minutes.

    “Sheila Gray is one of the best acting teachers and coaches working today. I always know when I send someone to her that not only will they have a great time, they will come out a better actor.” – Ellen Chenoweth; Casting Director/ The Bridges of Madison County, No Country for Old Man, Doubt, Inside Llewyn Davis

    Included in this workshop, Sheila will also summarize how the acting markets function in America-mainly NYC and LA. There are many ways actors can prepare and become familiar with the American market in anticipation of visiting and we will touch on all of those.

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