Greta Seacat

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7 Day – Masterclass

ABOUT GRETA SEACAT: World renowned acting coach and teacher. Greta works with A list, Oscar and golden globe winning actors (Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst, Jane Fonda and many more).

HOW SHE WORKS: Sandra Seacat’s Technique Founded in the Method and with new approaches to the unconscious the seat of the creative impulse. Dream work and use of the archetypes.

Kirsten Dunst describing her work with Greta Seacat:

“And then I found my person through that and I´ve worked with her ever since”, her person turned out to be Greta Seacat, whose mother Sandra, is also a famous acting teacher. “She´s such a wise woman, Kirsten says warmly of Greta, “and so intuitive and emotional.” They now work together on every role, going over the script and really building the character, using dreams, memories – anything and everything that happens to be around.”

(Kirsten Dunst – Best Actress 2011 Cannes “Melancholia” | Interview: The gentle woman)

“I’m loving Greta Seacat, my acting coach, and the work we do together which includes Jungian-type dream work – something I’ve never done before. – It’s never too late to get better!” – Jane Fonda

For further information about the masterclass of Greta Seacat in Berlin please click here