Workshop for Screenwriters & Directors

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Workshop for Screenwriters and Directors with Sheila Gray

Story/Character Exploration
Berlin December 2022 – 1 Day

Sheila has worked extensively with writers and directors both established and emerging in developing, rehearsing and executing their projects.

During this workshop, she will help you discover what the seed and heart of your projects are and how to best explore and express it through your continued work. She will have you use a variety of exercises such as improvisation, dream work and active imagination to explore and expand on the themes you are passionate about. She will also help you establish powerful rehearsal techniques and a common language for the writer/director and the actors they are working with. This will all work towards deepening the story you wish to share.

Recognized for her work in series such as ‘SEX AND THE CITY’, ‘THE SOPRANOS’ ‘THE AFFAIR’ among many others. Further descriptions and client lists/quotes can be found at Sheila Gray will be in Berlin conducting a five day acting workshop for actors with an additional extra day for writers and directors.

“I worked with Sheila closely on several films and she was great in helping me define more specifically the underlying intentions of the characters.”Wayne Wang – Director ‘Smoke’ ‘The Joy Luck Club’
Sheila is a wonderful acting coach. She worked with all the actors on “A Bronx Tale. ” Sheila is able to prepare and rehearse the actors while keeping the scenes fresh and spontaneous. She was great to have on set. I am always happy to recommend her.” Robert De Niro
Dates: December 11th | 1 Day, 11:00 am – 5:30 pm
Venue: In Berlin, Schott Acting Studio | Limited to 14 participants
Normal Fee: 165 Euro VAT incl.
Early Registration Fee until until November 11th: 135 Euro VAT incl.
No Observers allowed
Grands: Bildungsprämie (50%) & GVL (30%)
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“I have been recommending Sheila Gray to actors for years! Even the most confident, skillful actors benefit tremendously from working with her. Sheila is the “go – to” for actors needing to prepare for film, television and theatre auditions and roles.”– Todd Thaler -Casting Director: Luc Besson´s “The Professional”

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