Acting Intensive – Foundation Course

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Acting Foundation Intensive with Matthias Schott

We create a basis for your further work as an actor. Stanislawski and various English and American developments of his methods of Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg offer you a framework to learn the most important aspects of the art of acting. Improvisations, exercises and scene work that will stimulate your imagination and ability to transform, in order to act convincingly in front of the camera or on the stage. Videotrailer

+ Improvisation and exercises from British Drama Schools LAMDA, RADA, Guildhall and Drama Centre

+ Scene Work

The foundation course is suitable for:

  • Beginners (minimum age 16 years) & Newcomers
  • Young talents, who like to refresh their skills of basic acting principles
  • Directors and writers
  • As preparatory training for drama school auditions
“I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn more about acting in a comfortable space and pace! Matthias is a wonderful gentle teacher who never pushes boundaries and makes you comfortable in stepping out of your comfort zone. I’ve honestly never had more fun during any class, and have never made a better set of friends than I have during the foundation courses. Whether you want to be an actor, go to drama school, or simply just want to explore acting, this class is a perfect choice for you. You can use the activities, theories, and lessons in everyday life and benefit from them dearly. I’m really glad I took part in this course and highly encourage others to take part!” Kiana (June 2023)

„I was an absolut beginner when I sign up for the foundation classes at Schott Acting Studio. Already at the beginning of the registration process I saw that Matthias is taking great care of everything. From answering almost immediately every question that I had to sending all necessary informations I need including location map. Acting classes were held in a beautiful and peaceful location with an amazing group of people and Matthias, our kind, carrying and friendly coach with whom I discovered a „new me“. These 4 days of intensive acting classes were energizing, fun and such a great experience! I know already now that this will not be my last class and I’ ll be back again.” – Max (May 2024)

“This course was incredible. Matthias is an amazing teacher, who always made me feel so comfortable and free to express a range of emotions. By far exceeded my expectations. As soon as the foundation intensive ended, I was already thinking about what course I could do next! Matthias had me hooked, and I walked away inspired and eager to learn more. Would thoroughly recommend!!” – Georgia (from Australia/August 2023)
Venue: Berlin
Dates Foundation Intensive I: July 29th to August 1st, 2024
Times: 10 am – 5 pm
Normal Fee: 445 Euro VAT incl.
Early Registration Fee until July 15th: 415 Euro VAT incl.
Instant Booking Fee until June 29th: 365 Euro VAT incl.
Limited to 12 participants
Dates Foundation Intensive II/Scene Study (2 Days): July/August, 2024
Application and deepening of techniques & Scene Study (Pre-requisite: Level 1)
Normal Fee Int.II/Scene Study: 205 Euro VAT incl.
Early Registration Fee Int.II/Scene Study: 185 Euro VAT incl.
As a continuation (*already completed a scene study with Matthias Schott): 170 Euro VAT incl.
* Write in the note box when booking: “Foundation: Scene Study”
For your application please use the contact form below.
For further information & application, please send us an email:
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After your email to us, we make an appointment for a preliminary conversation (Skype or phone). In a preliminary talk, the content and framework conditions of the course are discussed and coordinated with your goals.

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    “Matthias is a phenomenal acting coach. I always come back to his teachings, whether it be preparing for theatre or film. Matthias has an engaging, attentive and intuitive teaching style that nurtures each student’s journey. He identifies potential blocks and offers the tools to work through them in order to understand where you need to go to reach a level of higher awareness and understanding as an actor. He breaks down the multifaceted process through a vast variety of exercises which makes the task at hand tangible and approachable, no matter where you are in your acting journey.

    Matthias’ workshops make up both individual and group exercises that shape and form each student and attune to each individual level. Matthias has guided me from a fundamental level to individual scene- and character work or auditions for schools and jobs.

    There is a wisdom and deep sense of humanity in the way he approaches each character or scene, teaching us to challenge our understanding of the human experience, be conscious and present in our acting choices, never judge our experience or understanding of the character, but be curious, free and creative.”Nina Mariko Sandquist (Gangs of Oslo – Blodsbrødre)

    “It’s just always a pleasure to work with Matthias! The way he creates a safe, yet challenging atmosphere really gives you the chance to explore your acting and get out of your comfort zone. I highly appreciate his subtle feedback and his calm nature. Thanks a lot for everything, Matthias – we’ll surely see each other again soon!” – Nico Weging (Foundation Intensive & Scene Study)
    I took Matthias workshop as a beginner. It was one of my first acting experiences. Although I had a hard time opening up in the beginning, his sensitive individual care helped me overcome my fears and blockages. By the end of the week, not only did I perform like I had never imagined I could but also learned a lot about myself and my abilities and strengths. I would recommend Matthias‘ workshops to anyone who wants to improve their acting by taking a deep look into their soul and grow out of self-reflection. I will definitely continue to take part in Matthias‘ courses. He is a very inspiring and wonderful human being.” – Rebecca Veil

    Acting Summer Intensive

    „Matthias Schott is a gifted and spirited artist, and an effective curator / organizer of events, serving actors and directors all over the world. He has fused his talent for creating workshops, intensives and „happenings“ of all kinds, with his own experience as an instructor, and his cultivated, keen judgement and good taste. His endless curiosity and love of his art form, his city of Berlin and his fellow actors, seem to fuel his ability to selflessly give a great deal, year in and year out. – I wholeheartedly recommend working through his studio.“ – Seamus McNally–Director/Acting Coach, New York
    “The foundation acting course with Matthias is fantastic. It was engaging and exciting. Every exercise opened something new up and allowed us to step beyond ourselves and our habits and into a more honest place from which we could perform. – Facebook Recommendation
    “The Schott Acting Studio offers very good quality workshops, with teachers coming from different countries and with varied acting techniques. I have taken part in a few of these workshops and it has helped me a lot in my understanding of acting and gave me the opportunity to learn many techniques, to practice with motivated partners and to receive tips from outstanding teachers. I highly recommend this Studio to any actors and actresses, whether they are professionals or amateurs and would add to that, that it is a great chance to have the possibility to act in English, something that is difficult to find elsewhere in Berlin.” – Nagisa Morimoto
    “The foundation acting course with Matthias is fantastic. It was engaging and exciting. Every exercise opened something new up and allowed us to step beyond ourselves and our habits and into a more honest place from which we could perform. – Facebook Recommendation



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