THE WORK – A 5 Day Creative Dream Work Intensive

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In-Person: THE WORK

– A 5 Day Creative Dream Work Intensive – working with dreams and a creative project

with Amanda Lovejoy Street

Creative Dream Work invites and trains the body-mind to enter a deep, open, sturdy and fiercely creative state that can be accessed anywhere, whether it be on a chaotic set, in a rehearsal room, at a writing desk, or in a paint studio. This process is fundamentally a practice. We realize this by loosening our bodies, restoring our central nervous systems, deepening our breath, and expanding our voices, all while working with the unconscious.

As artists, we must constantly grow and evolve to meet the stories and material that we yearn to share. By engaging with the unconscious—through dreams, instincts, senses, and the profound power of imagination—we allow ourselves to tap into the unknown and unexplored aspects of our beings. It is through courageously confronting and embracing these parts of ourselves that we expand our capacity to fully express and reveal ourselves in our creative work. When we encounter creative material or opportunities, such as a role or project, we inquire: why am I being called to engage with this at this moment in my life? What is this material challenging me to explore within myself? By delving into these questions, we have the chance to infuse our creative work with deep personal meaning. I believe that this captivates us when we are moved by a work of art—the artist’s soul revealed and unveiled.

During this intensive, spanning five days, we will practice the tools of Creative Dream Work so that you can incorporate them into your own personal creative practices. Participants will choose a creative project and either work with a corresponding dream or approach the project itself as a dream. Through this exploration, we will uncover how the creative material serves as an expression of the soul’s yearnings, awaiting manifestation.

Amanda’s one of a kind. Working with her both privately and in a group setting has been fundamental in developing my creative practice. She’s highly intuitive, calm, encouraging and curious, and creates a safe and playful space to delve in and truly explore. Her work is profoundly holistic and has opened me up into a richer, deeper and more authentic way of connecting with myself, my art and others. And it’s super f*ing fun!  It’s become an integral part of my artistic process and way beyond. I’m forever grateful and couldn’t recommend her more highly.” Katie McGuiness (Snowpiercer, Hollywood)
I have been working with Amanda for years and have found her deep grasp of dreams and Jungian theory to be invaluable for my work in film and television.”  Meta Golding (Rabbit Hole, Empire, Behind the Movement, The Hunger Games)
“It takes a special kind of human to facilitate work that takes you deep into your psyche and Amanda is that kind of human. She brings such presence, intuition, insight, compassion and a light and easy style that makes the deep dive feel safe and fun. This work is hard to describe – it’s kind of like yoga for your psyche. It’s a meditation, but one where you’re actively exploring your imagination, using your body, voice and all your senses. It can be emotionally cathartic, it can be really fun, it can sometimes be simply a deep rest. Amanda has guided me into some surprising and inspiring corners of my imagination and unconscious. I come out of our sessions feeling invigorated, lighter, and more free – and take that into my acting work. I’ve found practical tools I can take with me to set that feel like little magic tricks, but are really just ways to drop deeper inside.” Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield, The Deuce, Narcos)
© Hayley Barker

© Hayley Barker

Venue: In-Person – Schott Acting Studio/Berlin
Date: November 15th to 19th
Time: 12 noon to 5/6pm CET
Normal Fee: 725 Euro 19% VAT. incl.
Early Registration Fee: 685 Euro 19% VAT. incl.
Instant Booking Fee: 635 Euro 19% VAT. incl.
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Language: Englisch
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