Team Building Seminars

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Team Building Seminars with Matthias Schott

Seminar day/s for groups or teams
Perspectives from the world of theater and film

We aim this seminar at companies and teams that are curious about acting exercises, theater plays and improvisations to discover new resources and potential.

An enrichment for each individual: We train various aspects of acting skills through exercises and games: improvisation, immediate reaction to the partner, trusting one’s own impulses and expanding the possibilities of expression. An enrichment for teamwork: train the improvisational talent as a group through quick scenario changes.

We will learn in a short time: to leave our comfort zone, to discover new abilities in ourselves, to make courageous decisions, to improvise, to react to one another, to coordinate, to interact, to break down inhibitions in dealing with one another, to rely on one another and develop confidence in your own abilities.

  • Reduce fear of contact
  • Role plays and exercises that promote empathy
  • Deep connections through overcoming challenges together
  • Be clear, direct, noticeable, and visible
  • Individual commitment and cooperation
  • Team players and soloists – no contradiction
  • Communication and ability to act
“Namely, we learn best about ourselves and our behaviour through personal participation in interaction combined with observation and analysis of that interaction. “I. D. Yalom

What these seminar units do not offer – optimization of processes or employees

What do I mean by that: Instead of avoiding difficult situations, we will playfully invent conflict situations, play them out and take them to the extreme – you need to enjoy drama and conflict, recognize yourself in situations, discover empathy and universal connections in struggling with yourself, learn not to take yourself so seriously, to laugh at yourself, to develop a sense of humor about your own shortcomings.

Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio Spaces or at your company/institution
Booking options: 2 Days | 1 Day | 4 Hours
10am – 5pm or 6pm
Fee for 2 Days:
2955 Euro 19% VAT incl.
Fee for 1 Day: 1655 Euro 19% VAT incl.
Fee for 4 Hours: 725 Euro 19% VAT incl.
size: 6 to 24
The client covers travel and accommodation
In specific cases (small teams, social institutions, start-ups) the fee can be negotiated
For further questions and additional offers
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    „Matthias Schott is a gifted and spirited artist, and an effective curator / organizer of events, serving actors and directors all over the world. He has fused his talent for creating workshops, intensives and „happenings“ of all kinds, with his own experience as an instructor, and his cultivated, keen judgement and good taste. His endless curiosity and love of his art form, his city of Berlin and his fellow actors, seem to fuel his ability to selflessly give a great deal, year in and year out. – I wholeheartedly recommend working through his studio.“ – Seamus McNally – Director/Acting Coach, New York

    “Matthias, an acting teacher himself, has created wise and profound journeys for the actor. He is sympathetic to the students’ concerns and questions, and if necessary can effectively communicate them to the teacher. During my workshop Matthias was invaluable in helping to create the atmosphere of trust which allowed all of us the freedom to achieve our individual gifts. It was important that the students could speak to Matthias, especially at the beginning of the workshop when we were all getting to know one another. He was a valued member of our group, and everything was organized in such a Wise Knowing Way.” – Sandra Seacat – Acting Coach, Los Angeles

    “Great workshop! Matthias led us through warmups, exercises, and scenes that were challenging and thought provoking. Very intense and well paced. I can highly recommend this acting studio.”Jeff (Blue Man Group)

    „Matthias Schott is an outstanding acting coach and workshop leader. Through the detailed exercises in the workshops and his incredible curated eye, he provides generous individual feedback which has been pivotal on my acting journey. He is a true talent and the classes are not only a melting pot of ideas and experimentation but also fun! I can truly say that without it, my acting journey would not have grown as much. His knowledge, expertise and intuitive eye is unsurpassed.“ – Alaa Taha (Playwright/Actress)

    Articles on drama and improvisation as a training ground for life:

    a.) Fear of Failing von Sarah Schmidt (Guardian)

    b.) Life Changing Lessons I learned from Drama School and Acting von Dominic Zhai (The Startup)

    For further information about Matthias Schott please click here