On-Camera Acting Masterclass Int./Adv.

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On-Camera Acting Masterclass with Eric Reis

Masterclass Part I & II (In-Person/Berlin)

Eric’s classes are tailored for the seasoned professional looking to sharpen their skill set and the trained actor transitioning into film & television. They’re designed to address the paradox that puzzles actors of every level of experience: namely, that being a good actor doesn’t itself lead to being an employed actor, or to landing better roles.

The root of the problem is that most acting training emphasizes the actor’s ability to take the words on the page and transform them into a character with a rich and deep emotional life. All of which is extremely important. But without a clear understanding of how the camera works and the specific requirements of working in front of it, ultimately ineffective.

That’s because a film is a sequence of images that tells a story, and in order to tell that story, the actor must put emphasis on the objectivity of events, not the subjectivity of feelings. To bridge that gap, Eric’s classes focus on decoding scripts for film and television and how to best craft them in front of the camera.

Eric Reis is a New York City acting coach who specializes in on-camera work. His list of clients includes multiple Emmy, Tony, Screen Actors Guild, Drama Desk, Drama League, and Teen Choice Award winners and nominees, in addition to established actors who have performed leading and supporting roles in dozens of studio films, television series and hit Broadway shows. He served as the on-set acting coach for several high-profile projects and now provides on-set coaching, audition preparation and ongoing training for qualified actors in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin.

If you are looking for a workshop to improve your skills in on-camera acting, Eric Reis is the one to go to.
Working with him gave my acting career a boost. I book bigger roles in tv series and my work on set is at ease and in flow. Making self tapes is so much more fun and effective as well.Eric has deep knowledge and eye for what works on camera and what doesn’t. He makes it so simple, it completely shifted my look on it. He shares his knowledge about storytelling and how you can create the story in the frame with your instinct and authenticity. You are being filmed in the workshop; you see your work back on screen and that is so valuable. And last but not least, Eric is such a gentle, inspiring, respectful teacher. He really cares about you. Don’t miss this opportunity!!!”Elisa Van Riessen (Actress)
“The workshop with Eric was a game changer in my approach to screen acting/auditioning. Eric’s method is something I’ve never learnt, and I’ve trained a lot. The best part was we could all see each other do it and the results were right in front of us. There’s no doubt in my mind that if practiced as Eric said, you’ll get better. Also, he is kind, patient, funny and motivating. He created a very safe space where we were comfortable to fail as he picked us up. Can’t recommend enough.”Meghan S. (Actress/UK London)
“Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity of participating in a workshop with Eric. I’m very happy that I was able to be a part of it. Eric is a real professional, who are giving you professional tools. I love his approach to work and life…I think it was the best workshop that I ever have participated! Will be happy to continue studying with Eric.”Maria Shtofa (Actress from Ukraine/Berlin-based)
“I found the On-Camera Acting workshop to be rewarding and rich with insights. Even though students arrived with a wide range of prior experience on-camera, I sensed that everyone was being challenged to see things from new angles. I’m certain Eric’s approach will have a big impact on how I read and interpret scripts, how I make choices while performing, and how I observe visual composition in TV and film.” – Anonymus

Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Dates Masterclass Level I (In-Person): August 15th/16th
Dates Masterclass Level II: August 17th/18th (Pre-requisite: Level I)
Schedule: 10 am to 5:30/6:00 pm | 2 x 2 Days
Special Offer I & II booking: *675 Euro 19% VAT incl. (4 days)
Normal Fee: 415 Euro 19% VAT incl. (2 days)
Early Registration Juli 15th: 365 Euro 19% VAT incl.
Limited to 14 participants
Teaching language English
We designed this workshop for actors on a professional track. On-camera experience is not required, but we limit attendance to actors with previous training or experience.
For your application please use the contact form below.
For further information please send us an email: info@schott-acting-studio.de
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