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Welcome to the site of the Schott Acting Studio, Berlin. See an overview of the current seminars, workshops and training sessions or use the navigation links.

*** MAY/JUNE IN BERLIN ANIMAL WORK + LABAN with Matthias SchottMAY 28th/29th || SUMMER Acting Foundation Intensive for aspiring talents/becoming actors/canidates for drama schools with Matthias Schott – JUNE 27th to JULY 1st || “ACTOR´S JOURNEY – 1 Scene in 3 Days (Sanford Meisner & Eric Morris Technique)” with Ümit Yaşar Bekar (Istanbul)JUNE 17th to 19th || ON-CAMERA ACTING with Eric Reis (NYC)MAY 21st to 24th *** We ask that all actors/actresses/students attending the classes at our studio space show proof of full vaccination or of being recovered prior to attending. Additionally we ask for a current test shortly before the first day of the workshop + we offer free tests during the workshops. *** *** Unterstützung: Wie Berliner den Ukrainern helfen können***
On-Camera Acting Workshop with Eric Reis (NYC)
Level I May 21st/22nd & Level II: May 23th/24th; 2022 | In Berlin

Special Offer only for May Level I & II: 675 Euro 19% VAT incl. (4 days). This workshop is an introduction to the on-camera acting technique developed by Bob Krakower, one of the premiere acting teachers in the United States. Actors will perform scenes on camera, and discussions will follow. Topics include script analysis, auditioning, and self-tapes. The workshop is designed for advanced professionals and taught in English. [weiterlesen…]
Online: Your story, your art with Tomer Adorian (NYC)
April 19th/26th & May 3th/10th/ 17th/ 24th, 2022 | 6 Sessions | Online

As artists, we all have a story within us. Experiences that shaped who we are and inform the creative choices we make. Through this class, we will learn how to take our own life events and shape them into original works. Each week, participants will share their writings, receive feedback, explore the themes within their work, and begin to craft their personal stories using the principles of structure, language, and style. Tomer Adorian is a New York based director and theatre-maker. He has worked with Fordham University, The Acting Studio, Young Patrons of Lincoln Center, Columbia University, and The Barrow Group, with which he is also a Directing Mentor for their theatre program at Quinnipiac University. Tomer is the Co-Founder & Artistic Director of The Poet Acts – an award-winning not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to developing emerging artists. [read more…]
ACT – Recharge Your Actor with Acting Coach Lena Lessing
May 14th & 15th; 2022 | 2 Days | In Berlin

Themes/Content: RECHARGE YOUR ACTOR This session is about recharging your actor. Maybe lately, you as an actor are faltering, losing steam, feeling your limits tested. We go through our acting tool box and freshen up what might have gotten rusty. Who is this character? Where does the scene take place? When is this happening? What’s happening? Why? How does that connect to me? Let´s recharge our passion for the art of acting…NOURISH YOUR ACTOR and ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ACTOR [read more…]
Acting Foundation Intensive with Matthias Schott
Monday, June 27th to Friday, July 1st; 2022 | 5 Days | In Berlin

We create a basis for your further work as an actor. Stanislawski and various english and american developments of his methods of Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg offer you a framework to learn the most important aspects of the art of acting. Improvisations, exercises and scene work that will stimulate your imagination and ability to transform, in order to be able to act convincingly in front of the camera or on the stage. [read more…]
Physical Characterization: Animal Work with Matthias Schott
May 28th/29th; 2022 | 2 Days | In Berlin

Animal work is a wonderful tool for creating a physical life different from our own and essential work in our quest to create a character. We base our work on animal movements and behaviour through detailed observation…Examples film/theatre: JERUSALEM (Mark Rylance), TAXI DRIVER (Robert De Niro), THE GRADUATE (Anne Bancroft), THE GRADUATE & DEATH OF A SALESMAN (Dustin Hofman), PRAVDA & THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (Anthony Hopkins), MAGNOLIA (Tom Cruise), THE MASTER (Joaquin Phönix), THE GODFATHER & STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (Marlon Brando), YOJIMBO & SEVEN SAMURAI (Toshiro Mifune), Hauptrollen in „IVAN THE TERRIBLE“ von Sergei M. Eisenstein and many more [read more…]

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