Filmschauspiel Berlin Ron Burrus

Film & TV Acting: Stella Adler Technik & Filmschauspiel mit Ron Burrus 4. bis 8. JANUAR in Berlin 2021 5 Tage | Montag bis Freitag von 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr Filmschauspiel: ■ Die Sprache des Filmschauspielens besser verstehen ■ Das universelle Thema des Drehbuches und die einzelnen Perspektiven der Charaktere ■ Sequenzen – Entwicklung – […]

Stella Adler Script Analysis

Stella Adler, Script Analysis, Film/TV Acting „I no longer know how to read or to study or to think or to memorize without inviting Stella into my consciousness. Stella, you see, taught me how a play was built, how ideas were inserted as if they were bricks and windows and cornices and buttresses; how characters […]

Acting In Film with Ron Burrus

Film & TV Acting: Camera Acting Intensive with STELLA ADLER Master Teacher, RON BURRUS CAMERA ACTING INTENSIVE : Difference between stage and film acting Proving truthfulness to self Unspoken language of film acting Theme and POV Sequence/Growth/Climax Transitions–Adjustments Actions first–Words second Chronological & Emotional timelines Being present under pressure Playing actions rather than words Three […]


CAMERA ACTING INTENSIVE with Seamus McNally 3-DAY COURSE + OPTION 4th DAY SHOOTING REELCLIP   I have been working and collaborating with Seamus for ten years now. He has coached me on many auditions and currently on my work in the show Orange Is The New Black. The work I do with Seamus is invaluable. […]

Scene Study, Camera Acting, Actor´s Showreel

On – Camera Acting Intensive mit Seamus McNally 4-DAY COURSE with SCENE for “REEL PIECE” As an award-winning director, and leading coach for film and television in New York City, Seamus McNally serves actors at the top of their field in delivering some of their most convincing, nuanced work, often with very little time to […]

On Set mit Jordan Beswick

ON SET – BERLINALE „On Set“: 2-Tages-Workshop mit Jordan Beswick Für Schauspieler/innen What is it? A fun and energising taster workshop designed to help you prepare for the mental, physical, emotional and technical demands of working on a TV or film set. How will it work? From breaking down the text, through rehearsal and filming, […]