Acting Workshop with Sheila Gray – A few places left for observers!

“Sheila Gray is one of the best acting teachers and coaches working today. I always know when I send someone to her that not only will they have a great time, they will come out a better actor.” – Ellen Chenowith ; Casting Director/ No Country for Old Man, Doubt, Inside Llewyn Davis “Sheila was […]

Filmschauspiel Berlin Ron Burrus

Film & TV Acting: Stella Adler Technik & Filmschauspiel mit Ron Burrus 6. bis 10. JANUAR in Berlin 2020 5 Tage | Montag bis Freitag von 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr 1 freier Platz! | * Weitere Plätze für Regisseure und Autoren als Observer! Filmschauspiel: ■ Die Sprache des Filmschauspielens besser verstehen ■ Das universelle Thema […]


In this workshop participants will learn the key elements of a successful on-camera audition. Workshop with Devin Shacket (NYC) CASTING-TRAINING: 29. Februar & 1. März 2020 2 Tage | Während der Berlinale 2020! We will systematically break down the audition into two parts: the script and the world on screen. Beginning with sides from well […]

Acting In Film with Ron Burrus

Film & TV Acting: Camera Acting Intensive with STELLA ADLER Master Teacher, RON BURRUS CAMERA ACTING INTENSIVE : Difference between stage and film acting Proving truthfulness to self Unspoken language of film acting Theme and POV Sequence/Growth/Climax Transitions–Adjustments Actions first–Words second Chronological & Emotional timelines Being present under pressure Playing actions rather than words Three […]

Stella Adler Script Analysis

Stella Adler, Script Analysis, Film/TV Acting „I no longer know how to read or to study or to think or to memorize without inviting Stella into my consciousness. Stella, you see, taught me how a play was built, how ideas were inserted as if they were bricks and windows and cornices and buttresses; how characters […]

Film/Tv Acting Intensive

Film/Tv Acting Intensive with Stella Adler Master Teacher, Ron Burrus January 6th to 10th, 2020 in Berlin | 5 Days Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm CAMERA ACTING Material Covered: ■ Actors providing what words cannot do ■ Theme and POV ■ Being Specific ■ Playing actions rather than words ■ Proving truthfulness […]

Acting Master Teachers

International Acting Master Teachers in Berlin: More information Masterclass and Workshop: Video 1: „Laura Dern and Sandra Seacat“ – Sandra Seacat Video 2: „Character Analysis & Movement Psychology“ – James Kemp Video 3: „Camera Acting – Study with Stella Adler Master Teacher“ – Ron Burrus Masterclasses for Actors, Acting Workshops, Acting Training, Acting Master […]

Programm: Schauspiel Theater, Film, Tv

“THE BEGINNING: APPROACHING THE CREATIVE PROCESS. HOW TO MAKE AUTHENTIC CHOICES” mit Sandra Seacat 14 – 25 Mai 2018 | 11 Tage | In Berlin | 5 freie Plätze! Inhalt: Sandra Seacats Hauptanliegen in ihrer Arbeit mit dem Schauspieler besteht darin, dass der Schauspieler lernt seine Einzigartigkeit und Wahrheit als Mensch auszudrücken, und die Muster […]

Achieving presence & Audition technique

ACTING MASTERCLASS | WORKSHOP with KEN REA (Guildhall School of Music & Drama) Achieving presence , Audition technique Ken Rea’s teaching focuses on how actors can unlock their creativity and presence to project their unique individuality. This intensive workshop draws on a variety of sources, including little known eastern techniques. It shows you how to […]

Die Kraft des stillen Erzählens: Wolf Hall und Spotlight

Wolf Hall (Tv) und Spotlight (Film) Serie Artikel: „Wolf Hall“ – Der Rolls Royce der Fernsehserien | edb „… nimmt sich die Erzählung Zeit bei ihrer Führung durch die Korridore der Macht. Und es gibt langsame Entwicklungen, die im Grunde immer komplizierter werdende Verwicklungen sind. »Wolf Hall«-Regisseur Peter Kosminsky findet einen ganz eigenen Ton und […]