Your story, your art with Tomer Adorian (NYC)

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Online: Your story, your art with Tomer Adorian

An exploration of storytelling through personal narrative.

As artists, we all have a story within us. Experiences that shaped who we are and inform the creative choices we make. Through this class, we will learn how to take our own life events and shape them into original works.

Each week, participants will share their writings, receive feedback, explore the themes within their work, and begin to craft their personal stories using the principles of structure, language, and style.

This course is geared towards writers, performers, and directors, looking to expand their understanding of narrative through the process of creating new works based on their life events.

Tomer Adorian is a New York based director and theatre-maker. He has worked with Fordham University, The Acting Studio, Young Patrons of Lincoln Center, Columbia University, and The Barrow Group, with which he is also a Directing Mentor for their theatre program at Quinnipiac University. Tomer is the Co-Founder & Artistic Director of The Poet Acts – an award-winning not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to developing emerging artists.

Personal Writing

Venue: Zoom Online
Dates April 19th/26th & May 3th/10th/ 17th/ 24th, 2022
Schedule: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Special Offer only until April 7th: 225 Euro 19% VAT incl. (6 Sessions)
Normal Fee: 315 Euro 19% VAT incl.
Early Registration until April 12th: 275 Euro 19% VAT incl.
Limited to 10 participants
Teaching language English
For information & application please send us an Email: