Wonder.Discover.Explore. with Ümit Yaşar Bekar

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Wonder.Discover.Explore. with Ümit Yaşar Bekar

This two-day workshop introduces exercises, in a unique combination, from Sanford Meisner and Eric Morris, to help us expand our acting instrument and explore our work in new dimensions.

  • How can I use my emotions & behaviour on stage?
  • How can I be truthful?
  • How can I bring my reality on to stage?

We first listen to ourselves in order to understand other characters. Then we will extend this, to listen to our partner, decor, accessories and the space itself. We will investigate our own and our character’s feelings, mindset and behaviour and turn our biases to our advantage.

  • Day 1: Basic Exercises, Exploring Ourselves, Instrumental Preparation
  • Day 2: Exploring Character, Preparing a Scene, Living in a New Dimension

* Before the workshop, the participants will be given a short scene and the dialogue must be memorized.

Who is Ümit Yaşar Bekar ?

He has been acting since 2006, in many theater plays as well as in TV series / cinema / advertising / improvisational theatre. Since 2014, he has been both an acting trainer and acting coach, as part of Istanbul’s premier training studio, Atölye Craft.
The focus of his work has especially been on the combinations of different disciplines and how they can be brought together more beneficially. He also runs independent workshops of his own in Istanbul and Ankara.

Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Dates: “Postponed because of Covid travel restrictions between certain countries”
Schedule: 10 am – 17 pm | 2 Days
Normal Fee: 175 Euro VAT 16% incl.
Early Registration Fee: 160 Euro VAT 16% incl.
Instant Booking Fee: 145 Euro VAT 16% incl.
Limited to: 14 Participants | * Studio size 190 qm
Teaching language: Turkish & Englisch
For information & application please send us an Email – Rebecca Veil: info@schott-acting-studio.de