Online: Analysis of “The Three Sisters”

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Online: Analysis of “The Three Sisters”

with Mike Alfreds

In 6 sessions of two hours, each with a break of 5 minutes.


1: Break-down of the structure and general organisation of the play
2: Detailed analysis of a single character.
3: Analysis of all the characters’ super objectives and the super objective of the play.
4: As a finale: putting all the above elements together to decide what the themes of the play are and how that would be imagined physically on stage.

The class requires preparation & very good English language skills!

Recommended to read:

1. “Different Every Night”
2. We will send you a copy of “The Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov

“If I was allowed to train again to be an actor, but I was only allowed one teacher, it would have to be Mike Alfreds. To me he is a genius when it comes to acting and storytelling. I will spend my life trying to be true to what he perceives possible in the theatre. He is a true pioneer.” – Mark Rylance
“Most of what I am as an actress I owe to Mike Alfreds. He gave me the language and the tools I needed for my craft” Pam  Ferris
Venue: Zoom Online
Dates: January 9th to 14th, 2023
Schedule: 6 Morning Sessions | 10:30am to 12:30pm CET
Normal Fee: 295 Euro VAT incl.
Early Bird Fee:  265 Euro VAT incl.
Instant Booking Fee until December 9th: 225 Euro VAT incl.
Für weitere Informationen und Fragen bitte uns gerne direkt kontaktieren: kontakt@schott-acting-studio.deIn
Grands: GVL (30%)


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