Quick fix & fresh viewpoint

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Quick fix & fresh viewpoint with Matthias Schott

Get support and guidance!

We all know the struggle of opening a restaurant that just can’t get off the ground, even the food is exceptional. It takes time, but you also notice things that the owners don’t. You know how simple it could be to fix it.

We all have blind spots and get stuck sometimes, so you need another perspective on what you’re doing and if your habits and actions actually help you. Sometimes you gotta talk it out, but sometimes a quick fix works.

We all know we need a second opinion, or else we’ll keep going in circles with the same thoughts and doubts for days, even weeks, and important months of your life will slip away.

  • If actors just need a quick opinion on a reel scene or which scene to add to their new reel
  • Do I need to say no to certain offers? What decisions am I postponing?
  • When you need to vent because you’re tired of the same old same old
  • What approach can help me tap into my full potential when I feel stagnant with my current methods?
  • Can you give me advice on whether I should study acting in Germany, US, or UK? Any tips on making a smart decision before I waste all my money? Does this studio or drama school suit me?
  • What kind of training should I get?

Option 1: Quick fix, second opinion 15-18 minutes via Zoom – 18 EURO VAT incl.

Option 2: Fresh viewpoint – 35 minutes – 32 EURO VAT incl.

Option 3: Get to the heart – a longer conversation – 60 minutes 60 EURO VAT incl.

„You have a way of seeing what the actors need, how they show up and the psychological impulses behind their acting, that other acting teachers don’t necessarily all have. And instead of being stuck in one method of teaching you are able to see what a person might need instead of just enforcing your own agenda. Plus you have the educational background to know the different schools and approaches that could help them.“ – Anonymus (May 2024)