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On – Camera Scene Study Workshop mit Seamus McNally

As an award-winning director, and leading coach for film and television in New York City, Seamus McNally serves actors at the top of their field in delivering some of their most convincing, nuanced work, often with very little time to prepare (Orange is the New Black, Vinyl, Roots, The Night of, Black Mirror and many more). This refreshingly practical on-camera scene study course provides an effective foundation, grounding the actor in a unique, detailed prep, liberating them to simply be present and respond in the moment.

Throughout the course, the actors are first guided through scenes, applying a complex but accessible system of analysis. These scenes are then put on camera under Seamus’ direction, and then played back, where actors receive feedback on their work.

★ The course empowers actors to be fully prepared even with very little time.
★ Shooting day; a chance to leave the workshop with a convincing clip (scene or monologue) of your work, which you can immediately use for your next application, agency or website profile.
★ “A shorthand” for scene analysis, and delivery of exceptional work on camera.

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Testimonials from working actors:

Nick SandowI have been working and collaborating with Seamus for ten years now. He has coached me on many auditions and currently on my work in the show Orange Is The New Black. The work I do with Seamus is invaluable. He has a wonderful ability to extract the larger themes running through a scene and how they play out moment to moment. Seamus will always lead me back to the larger story while nurturing my instincts. Working with him continues to be enlightening and I highly recommend him as a coach/director.

~Nick Sandow Orange is the New Black (Netflix), Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

ato essandohSeamus has a sensitivity and mindfulness that borders on mystic. He’s an expert at creating a safe space which nurtures inspiration and creative freedom. Working with him is a lovely collaborative experience. I highly recommend his class.

~Ato Essandoh VINYL (HBO Martin Scorcese), Copper (BBC America), Django Unchained


Dates On – Camera Scene Study Workshop: Friday, 9th November until Sunday, 11th November
Dates Reel-Clip-Shooting: Friday, 30th November until Sunday, 2th December
Venue: In Berlin
Schedule: 3 Days | 10am to 6pm
Fee 3 Days Workshop: 360 Euro (No VAT) | Limited to 10
Observers (Directors, Actors, Casting Directors, Writers | Limited to 5): 90 Euro (No VAT)
Fee Reel-Clip-Shooting 3 Days: 960 Euro (No VAT) | Limited to 10
(Only for actors who have participated in prior workshops)
For both workshops only 1140 Euro (No VAT) reduced from 13320 Euro
Observers (Directors, Actors, Casting Directors, Writers | Limited to 5): 120 Euro (No VAT)
Grands: Bildungsprämie (50%) & GVL (30%)
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    “As a french actor I needed a demo reel in english for the international market. I did two amazing workshops in Berlin with Seamus.His knowledge and coaching skills has given me more confidence an tools . We shot two scenes and I’m really happy with the results. I am now setting up a personal website with the help of CAVALE STUDIO . I will definitely continu the collaboration with Seamus for auditions or film prep…” – Nicolas Navazo, Actor/France


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