Acting Studio Pro

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Acting Studio Pro – for Professionals

with Petra Niermeier

A new format for professional actors and actresses who want to expand their repertoire of experience in successive training courses. Keep your impulses awake, lively and fit for the next challenge!
With tools from the Michael Chekhov system, Presence- and energy work, as well as the Meisner technique, you will train an innovative approach to acting.

The focus is on your acting presence, as well as character and scene development.
The trainings also provide space for individual challenges: castings, auditions and showreel preparations.
During the training we work on specific scripts, scenes and characters (camera and stage).

Modul 1: Personality Development

Training 1: Emotional and physical presence
Presence is the emotional radiation of your personality.
How visible are your feelings?
How noticeable is your thinking for the audience?
How present is your body when playing a scene?

Training 2: Your natural character potential as a role profile
You train a flexible handling of your potential and internalize it.
They are available to you as a variable marketing tool.

Training 3: Imagination
Imaginations anchor you in your body and expand your emotional expressiveness.
Dynamic imaginations (Chekhov) develop a secure feeling for speed, timing and rhythm.
You become more flexible, more permeable and act more freely, more expressively and more agile in your play.

Training 4: Emotional attitudes and the psycho-energetic gesture
Love, humility, honor, dignity, fear.
The more your body decodes these energies, the more emotionally complex it is.
You create characters and atmospheres.

Module 2: Character Works

On the base of imaginations, emotional attitudes, presence and energy work, you develop an expressive character and train your emotions and actions. We find the resonance core that connects us with the character and reaches the audience. In scenic training, you lead it through developments, contradictions and conflicts.

Module 3: Scene-Work

An emotionally expressive character creates atmospheric atmospheres.(Doppelt gemoppelt, deutscher satz?)
Atmospheres liberate your play and create scenic fields of emotion that touch the audience.
In this module we develop scenic moods, train atmospheric battles and changes and develop the atmospheric score of action-relevant scenes (Chekhov).

Petra Niermeier entwickelte Cre.act Space, einen tiefgreifenden Trainingsprozess für Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. In ihrem Studio trainiert sie nachhaltige Präsenz. Ihre Kombination aus der Meisner-Technik, systemischer Energiearbeit und Elementen der Michael-Tschechow-Technik erweitert die schauspielerische Persönlichkeit und ermöglicht die Gestaltung emotional vielschichtiger Charaktere und atmosphärische Szenen.



Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Lab 1:  Theme November “Emotional and physical presence”
Date: Saturday & Sunday, November 21th & 22th, 2020
Times: 10:30 am – 5:00/6:00 pm | 2 Days
Normale Fee: 175 Euro 16% VAT incl
Early Registration Fee:
165 Euro 16% VAT incl
Instant Booking Fee until November 5th:
145 Euro 16% VAT incl
Limited to 12 Actors/Actresses
Precondition for participation Meisner & Presence Weekend November 7th & 8th
Exceptions can be made only for actors/actresses with extensive pre-experiences
Lab 2: “Your natural character potential as a role profile” | December 19th/20th
Teaching languag: German & Englisch
For information & application please send us an Email – Rebecca Veil: