Improvisation and Scene Study

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Improvisation and Scene Study with Matthias Schott

The training consists of exercises to warm up followed by the sharing and investigating in scene work.

Level: Beginners 1 & 2

This class benefits:

  • Becoming Actors and Young Talents
  • People with pre-experience (workshop, courses)
  • Newcomers who seek a platform to explore acting techniques and scene material (Requirement Foundation Course Weekend or 3 Weeks Course)


“Everyone should come to class familiar with the material since specific choices can’t be made without knowledge and preparation. Lines should be learned by heart. The purpose of the training class is to cultivate and sharpen talents the actor already has and challenge them to try out new things. Everyone will make progress equal to the preparation and work they put in.”

All work is shared and feedback is moderated through Matthias Schott, with the aim of enriching the actors´performance. The purpose of the class to help each other improve and give a safe and welcoming platform to try out a range of material. The intend is to push actors creatively all the while embracing failure as the stepping stone to becoming a risk-taking actor.

“Matthias, an acting teacher himself, has created wise and profound journeys for the actor. He is sympathetic to the students’ concerns and questions, and if necessary can effectively communicate them to the teacher. During my workshop Matthias was invaluable in helping to create the atmosphere of trust which allowed all of us the freedom to achieve our individual gifts. It was important that the students could speak to Matthias, especially at the beginning of the workshop when we were all getting to know one another. He was a valued member of our group, and everything was organized in such a Wise Knowing Way.” – Sandra Seacat, Acting Coach

“Matthias Schott ist ein hervorragender Beobachter. Das Spiel des Schauspielers schafft er klar und genau zu spiegeln.“ – Eray Egilmez, Actor

Dates: 21.9./ 12.10./ 02.11. 2019
Time: Saturday 11:00 am to 3 pm | 4 hours (Break: 30 minutes )
Venue: In Berlin | Limited to 8 Actors
Fee: Per Class 23,50 Euro VAT incl. | the more classes you book, the cheaper each class gets.
Requirements: See above
For information & application please send us an Email:
After your email to us, we make an appointment for a preliminary conversation (Skype or phone). In a preliminary talk, the content and framework conditions of the course are discussed and coordinated with your goals.