2 Days Meisner Technique Intensive

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2 Days Meisner Technique Intensive

Inroduction workshop. Meisenr takes access to your authentic feelings and enables you to play emotionally flexible and empowered. Energetic Meisner Work is a combination of systemic and applied energy work and deepens this experience. It guides you into areas in which you enter deeper layers andimensions of your own experience and it deepens the connections with your partner.
Your acting skills, creativity and scenic understanding will grow and you will experience a particularly complex and deep encounter with your partner.


Petra Niermeier developed Cre.act Space, a profound training process for actresses and actors. In her studio she trains lasting presence and radiance. Her method of systemic energy work and elements of the Michael Chekhov technique expands the acting personality and enables the creation of emotionally complex characters and atmospheric scenes.



Venue: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Dates: Postponed due to Covid 19 regulations!
Training day for participants with pre-experience: October 25th (*Choose 1 day ticket)
Schedule: 10:30 am to 4:30/5:30 Uhr | 2 Days
2 Days: 125 Euro inkl. 16% VAT incl.
1 Day only: 70 Euro 16% VAT incl.
Limited to 10 participants | * Studio size 190 qm
Teaching language: German & Englisch
For information & application please send us an Email – Rebecca Veil: info@schott-acting-studio.de