Britische Akzent – Intensiv Wochenende

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“Stimme und Britische Aussprache für Schauspieler“

mit Sylvie S. Lui

This workshop is designed for actors wishing to stretch their character range by picking up new skills of softening their native accent and learning how to speak in British Received Pronunciation (RP – Standard British non-regional accent) for performance and auditions.

There will be 2.5 full days of group training within a workshop setting with a focus of providing individual feedback on your speech/accent habits as much as possible for you to get the best results in this intensive.

Learning a new accent an be quite intimidating and challenging. This workshop will teach you about the technicalities of dialect/accent. We will look at pronunciation, intonation, pitch, phrasing, placement, phonetics, shifts and patterns of speech through many exercises to build muscle memory of the accent.

Voice and British RP Accent Workshop for Actors

At the end of this workshop, you will have a practical understanding of the RP accent and a list of different exercises to help you shift into the accent easier.

Please bring a piece of text to this course – a poem or monologue written by a British (English) poet/author between 1700-1920 would be ideal.

Ort: Berlin, Schott Acting Studio
Termine: 29. Juni bis 1. Juli 2018 | 2,5 Tage | 17 Stunden
Normale Gebühr: 265 Euro MwSt. inkl.
Frühbucher bis 8. Juni: 235 Euro MwSt. inkl.
Sofortbuchung bis 11. Mai: 205 Euro MwSt. inkl.
Zeiten Freitag: 16:30 bis 19:30 Uhr | Samstag & Sonntag | 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Begrenzt auf  16 Teilnehmer
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