Acting Workshop with Sheila Gray

“Sheila Gray is one of the best acting teachers and coaches working today. I always know when I send someone to her that not only will they have a great time, they will come out a better actor.” – Ellen Chenowith ; Casting Director/ No Country for Old Man, Doubt, Inside Llewyn Davis “Sheila was […]

Acting In Film with Ron Burrus

Film & TV Acting: Camera Acting Intensive with STELLA ADLER Master Teacher, RON BURRUS CAMERA ACTING INTENSIVE : Difference between stage and film acting Proving truthfulness to self Unspoken language of film acting Theme and POV Sequence/Growth/Climax Transitions–Adjustments Actions first–Words second Chronological & Emotional timelines Being present under pressure Playing actions rather than words Three […]

On Set mit Jordan Beswick

ON SET – BERLINALE „On Set“: 2-Tages-Workshop mit Jordan Beswick Für Schauspieler/innen What is it? A fun and energising taster workshop designed to help you prepare for the mental, physical, emotional and technical demands of working on a TV or film set. How will it work? From breaking down the text, through rehearsal and filming, […]