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„The qualities of physical and vocal expression in the first confrontation between Alonzo and Jake make the scene a clash between distinct and opposing characters . . . Subsequent scenes maintain and amplify the structural opposition between the STRONG, DIRECT, and SUDDEN qualities in Washington´s performance and the light, indirect qualities that infuse Hawke´s. Throughout the film, Washington´s acting choices suggest that Alonzo will never be satisfied with anything less than all-out victory over every challenger. He is always fighting, against SPACE, TIME, and GRAVITY. In scene after scene, he uses advancing movements, gestures that expand into space around him, and line readings marked by INCREASING SPEED, PRESSURE and DIRECTNESS.“ – REFRAMING SCREEN PERFORMANCES by Cynthia Baron (Movement Psychology for Actors)

Character Analysis & Movement Psychology – The Yat Malmgren Method: www.schott-acting-studio.de

Movement and Acting – Laban/Malmgren