Chubbuck Workshop Berlin

A workshop on the Chubbuck technique and acting in crime/ thriller stories

with Elisabet Sevholt

Crime and thriller stories deal with the basic human needs and people in life- and-death situations. In order to avoid a black and white characterization when we act in these stories we have to go to the bottom of it all – the drive for power, love, sex, money, human dignity etc. And this is what the Chubbuck Technique is all about! We will spend three very intensive days applying the Chubbuck technique to scenes from the crime/ thriller world (movies, TV-series). We will address why people kill, why people steal, why people cheat on, abuse and hurt other people etc. We will work on methods of how to experience organic fear, how to feel the effect of drugs, how to cope with facing death, dying, people close to us dying and how to feel physical pain as well as afflicing pain on others – all measured up with falling in love, experiencing close frienship and family ties – and all things that make us human.

The workshop is primarily for actors, but is also interesting for directors, script writers, casting directors.

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An intense three-day scene workshop using the Chubbuck Technique. During the first day we will analyse and work on the scenes from the character’s point of view and find the personal connection to what the character is going through. In the evening you will rehearse with your scene partner incorporating what has happened during the day. On the second day we continue working on the scenes and the twelve steps of the technique as well as on various exercises on fear, death and dying, alchohol and drugs etc. (again you will rehearse individually and with your scene partner in the evening). On the third day we will address the final step of the technique- the ”letting go and get out of the head” which is crutial for creating a living, breathing human being on screen/stage.

Ivana Chubbuck Technique Berlin
Acting in Crime/Thriller

Two weeks before the workshop you will receive a scene partner and scene from a film or TV-series. If two actors from the same city, company etc. want to work together you can do that if you let me know. Read Ivana Chubbuck’s book ”The power of the Actor” and use the 12 steps in the book when you prepare the scene. Rehearse at least two times together with your scene partner apart from working individually before the workshop.

Elisabet Sevholt is an acting coach dedicated to the Chubbuck Technique. She teaches workshops and classes all over Scandinavia and Northern Europe, as well as coaching actors privately for film, TV and stage. She has been teaching at numerous drama schools like Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Oxford School of Drama, The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and The Actors Centre in London, and she has also worked as stage director for more than twenty years in Scandinavia and the UK.

In 2008 Elisabet was certified as Chubbuck Technique Teacher by Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles. Since then she has been developping the technique for Scandinavian and European actors, something she currently is writing a book about. Recently she has also started to work as a directing coach for young directors.

More Information: Chubbuck Technique Berlin with Elisabeth Sevholt

Workshop on the Chubbuck technique in Berlin mit Elisabet Sevholt (Schweden)