Online Class: Susan Batson Technique

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Regular Training

Susan Batson Technique – Lee Strasberg with Matthias Schott

The training is suitable for actors with prior knowledge of the Susan Batson technique. The training teaches the actor to transform his own longings, fears, memories and sensations into the logical and focused energy of the character and his/her short monologue.

  • Part 1: Event, Personalization, Physical Condition
  • Part 2: Beats & Actions + Superobjective

We train: To master emotional scenic requirements with ease, Imagination, Connection Feeling – Behaviour, Sense Memory, How to play actions rather than words, Trusting your own impulses and decisions

We will combine Susan Batson preparation with Stella Adler´s approach to physicalize the actions and excercises to strengthen your presence.

*The monolgues are put on camera after each day and then played back for feedback (for feedback only, not for the purpose of creating showreel material).

Venue: Online
Schedule: Thursdays, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm (Berlin time)
Next Dates:
April 9th | April 16th | April 23th; 2020
Fee: 25 Euro VAT incl.
Early Registration Fee
: 20 Euro VAT incl.
Limited to 6 – Previous experience with the Susan Batson technique necessary !

Susan Batson Technique Weekend
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Susan Batson Technique


“In acting everything comes out of what you are or some aspect of who you are. Everything is part of your experience. We all have a spectrum of emotions in us. It´s a broad one, and it´s the actor´s job to reach into this assortment of emotions and experience the ones that are appropriate for his character and the story.” – Marlon Brando

“This is a very important job, I understood how important the material was within myself; all my fears, judgment of myself of how imperfect I am. I understood that could all be used. It was all art. I wanted to commit myself to it. To teach the inspiration – that we are responsible to creating walking talking human beings.”Susan Batson (“TRUTH”)
“The Susan Batson Technique workshop was very enlightening. The two day class brings forward new methods of approaching a text that are definitely great to have in your toolbelt! Matthias Schott does a wonderful job teaching what can be a rigorous and complex technique in a clear and simple way. The workshop allows you to expand your repertoire of techniques or to simply enjoy yourself if you are a beginner. The exercises he assigned us really allowed me to free up, the prep made me connect to the work in a profound way and reach a new emotional peak. There was one monologue exercise in particular in which we used sensory memory that left me completely stunned at how effective the technique is and opened up a level of truth within myself I had not before been able to attain. It was a very entertaining and inspiring weekend!”Gabrielle (Susan Batson Technique Workshop, 2017)


For further Information about Susan Batson and her book “Truth” please click here

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