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Willkommen auf der Seite von Schott Acting Studio. Sehen Sie einen Überblick über die aktuellen Seminare, Workshops und Trainings oder nutzen Sie die Navigation links.

Aktuell Anmeldung: Grundlagenkurs und Susan Batson Training

„Become an outstanding actor“ mit Ken Rea (Guildhall School, London)
28. bis 31. Mai 2016 | Achieving presence, Audition technique | Interview Ken Rea

Ken Rea has trained some of Britain’s leading stars of stage and screen. They include, Ewan McGregor, Damien Lewis, Michelle Dockery, Dominic West and Daniel Craig. In this four-day workshop, he reveals what those actors, and many stars like them, were doing that made them stand out from the rest. Ken Rea’s teaching focuses on how actors can unlock their creativity and presence to project their unique individuality. [weiterlesen…]
On – Camera Acting Intensive mit Seamus McNally
16. bis 23. Juni 2016 | 3-DAY COURSE with the option to create a SCENE / “REEL PIECE” (Day 4)

As an award-winning director, and leading coach for film and television in New York City, Seamus McNally serves actors at the top of their field in delivering some of their most convincing, nuanced work, often with very little time to prepare (Orange is the New Black, Vinyl, Alex Haley’s Roots, Blue Bloods, CSI, Copper, many more). [weiterlesen…]
8 Tage Masterclass mit Greta Seacat
24. August bis 2. September 2016

Allowing the talent to reach its full potential removing the obstacles that inhibit the expression of the individual unique Talent. Sandra Seacat’s Technique Founded in the Method and with new approaches to the unconscious the seat of the creative impulse. Dream work and use of the archetypes. [weiterlesen…]
„Character Analysis & Movement Psychology“ mit James Kemp (Room One & LAMDA)
Intermediate November 2016 | Einführung wieder April 2017 über Newsletter

At the heart of the work is the concept that we think with our bodies. That our bodies are revelatory of our inner workings, our psyche, of our bodies and feelings. Therefore if we could learn to harness and manifest our sensations and in a precise way control and express them through our bodies we would be able to share every inner desire, want, thought or emotion with a watching audience. James Kemp students have included Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Emilia Clarke, Gwendoline Christie. [weiterlesen…]
Camera Acting Intensive mit Ron Burrus, Stella Adler (Art of Acting, Los Angeles)
9. bis 13. Januar 2017

All work by the actor is filmed and from the viewing of the tape, adjustments are made either to be brought back or done on the spot. Actors providing what words cannot do. Being present under pressure. Putting feelings in their rightful place. Theme and POV. [weiterlesen…]